Urgent need to house family of seven children

Good people, once again from Gerry on a homeless family, this time a family of seven very young children (6 girls, 1 boy) – please help out where you can.

Attached this time is a photo of 5 of the 7 children, all less than 11 years of age, two of them 14 months old and 2 1/2 years old, who have been homeless for months and are now sheltering in an asbestos riddled 2 bedroom slum, condemned, with no functioning facilities. Six young girls and a boy. They are homeless just outside of Perth. However, the school age children do get to school each day thanks to a never-say-die mum. But they are at their wit’s end waiting for the Department of Housing to come good. They are on the Department’s priority waiting list, but they have been told by the Department that because there are seven children and two adults that the Department cannot allow them to move into anything less than a five bedroom house, of which there are only ever a handful of such State Housing available. This is a bizarre policy – it’s either five bedrooms or homelessness. Unbelievable. I have spoken with the Department and they have confirmed this policy. The policy needs to be changed. And I am lobbying for the removal of this restrictive policy. I have crafted questions to be tabled in Parliament and hopefully this will get in motion necessary changes to DOH policy.

In the meantime, this family whom I and my partner met today in person, are languishing in homelessness and in the meantime in an asbestos dump. Is this Western Australia 2014? What sort of State, the wealthiest State in the world’s 12th largest economy, 2nd wealthiest nation (per capita), allows for what this family is enduring?

There is love in this family, it is self evident – beautiful well behaved children, and a testimony to a single mother and her own exhausted mum, who have fallen on hard luck times. But the Department of Housing cannot triage their urgency for shelter. The Department’s policy even on the priority waiting list is first in first served. With the Department of Housing refusing to provide a three or four bedroom home for them this family will be waiting forever and a day and will also be at risk of being torn apart; this would be a travesty.

Recently, thanks to some of you and the generous responses from the public we were to secure accommodation for a family of six school age children who had been homeless in Perth bush for six months. They too got the kids to school everyday. Government and many of their funded agencies did not or were not able to help them. This family has found it tough finding a private rental because they are nine members but please if you can help this family by helping us take out the story to the nation then do so. And if you can assist in any other way then please do so.

Once again, we are organising food parcels, essentials and clothes for this family of seven very young children. We will find them accommodation but we must do it before for instance Child Protection overreacts and screws them over by tearing them apart. Over the years we have found accommodation for many families and individuals and this leads me to despair at what efforts our Governments are putting in. What are their priorities? If ordinary people like us, with limited resources can secure accommodation for those in need then I must argue once again what is it that our well resourced politicians do?

This is a good family doing it tough, we at least have to do what’s right here. I will take their plight as I did the others through The NIRS news and through The NIT come Wednesday, and through The Stringer today, and hopefully by Monday the mainstream media, which includes many of you, will come good and help out.

Jenny and I will take them supplies for as long as we can as no agency is doing so at this time, and hopefully they will not have to endure the fast approaching cold winter nor the risks associated with a condemned asbestos hovel. They were too many for crisis accommodation and they were told to buy tents and pitch them in out of sight locations.

Many of you are in media, and as I asked you last time to join in and take out the story of the six homeless school age children, so once again I ask you this for the seven young children on this occasion. Contact me if so interested.
Much respect, Gerry – 0430 657 309



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