Anti-War Coordinating Committee Meeting

Date: Wednesday, 13 September 2006,
Time: 6:30 pm — 8:30pm
Place: AHIMSA House, 26 Horan Street,
West End (near State School)

A resolution was passed by the Anti-War Coordinating Committee to organise a rally on 23 September 2006. An organising meeting was held at the above time and place.
Invitations were issued to others interested in coordinating activities in the peace movement or wish to receive more information about the anti-war coordinating committee.

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Rally for Justice @ Queens Park 11 am Saturday 18 November 2006

Meeting was held on Thursday 19 October 2006, at 12 NOON AT THE JAGARA HALL MUSGRAVE PARK to organise the ongoing campaign for Justice for Aboriginees in Brisbane and Queensland

Discussion of the next RALLY AND MARCH (18th November 2006 @11am at Queens Park in George Street Brisbane)


(*) The Palm Island Police Murder

(*) Hurley must be sacked and charged immediately

(*) Any other police officer who played any role in the murder of Mulrunjie must also be suspended and charged

(*) The police minister must be sacked

(*) The police commissioner must be sacked

(*) The state government must implement all the 40 recommendations that were handed down by the state coroner

Discussion of the next RALLY AND MARCH (in November 2006)

(*) The state government must reinstate the Department of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Policy

(*) We need to confront Beattie and demand that he pays all Stolen Wages claims

(*) We demand an immediate whole-of-government task force to address Aboriginal unemployment, housing, health, education and living standards.… Go to Article

Benefit Dinner and Concert raises over $12,000 for relief to Lebanon and Palestine


Last night (26 Aug 2006) in Brisbane there was a benefit dinner and concert held to raise money for relief efforts for the Lebanese and Palestinian people after the July/August 2006 war. The function was organised by Brisbane’s Fair Go for Palestine and the local Al-Nisa Muslim Women’s Youth Group.

Sheikh Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh from the Kuraby Mosque sang Arabic songs and described how he, a Palestinian, has recently been prevented three times from visiting his homeland by Israeli military.… Go to Article

Rally and March for Justice for Aboriginal people


Sam Watson is the Senate candidate for the Socialist Alliance in the 2007 Senate election.

He is the chairperson of regular community meetings and rallies in support of aboriginal democratic rights.

During 2006/2007 these are some of the activities conducted by the community for Justice and Democratic Rights.


During the 2006 Queensland State Election campaign there was a rally in Queens Park [between George Street and North Quay behind the old Treasury Building] on Friday, 1st September 2006 starting at 1 pm.Go to Article

Boycott the war machine!

mazen-spot-the-difference.jpgEconomic Sanctions against Israel

Israel has imposed military blockades on both Palestine and Lebanon. These blockades prevent aid, food, water, medicines, and electricity getting to the people most affected by Israeli attacks.

In response, various people and groups have proposed economic sanctions on Israel.

I support any proposal that will stop Israeli war crimes and get the Israeli military out of Palestine and Lebanon.… Go to Article

Rally against War on Lebanon and Palestine

Stop the war on Lebanon and Palestine
Israel out NOW!

12 noon, Saturday 12 August, 2006

Rally Queens Park,
Corner of George and
Elizabeth Sts, Brisbane

March through cityyoung-women-for-freedom-in-lebanon-and-palestine.jpg

Various speakers from Lebanese, Palestinian and community organisations, including:

Phil Monsour, Lebanese-Australian musician
Nora Amath,
Fair Go for Palestine
Greg Jenks, Anglican priest & Friends of Sabeel
Anas Abdalla, Palestinian activist
Sam Watson, Murri leader + Socialist Alliance

Supported by Queensland Palestinian Solidarity Committee, Fair Go for Palestine, Rally for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament, Stop the War Collective, Palestinian and Jewish Unity, Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative, Resistance.
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Petition for Palestine

petition-to-member-for-brisbane-arch-bevis-to-stop-israeli-attacks-on-lebanon.jpgTo the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives assembled in Parliament. This Petition of concerned citizens draws to the attention of the House the dire circumstances of the people of Palestine…
See petition in the link below:


Please fill out and get signatures from family and friends and send to:

Petitioner: F Waddington PO Box 303 Lutwyche 4030

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What to do about Israel’s War Crimes?

Driving through town on Saturday morning my wife tried to express her anger and outrage at the premeditated and serial war crimes being committed by Israel against the Palestinians and Lebanese: crimes against humanity, crimes against environment.

She owned up to feelings of wanting to do violence against the leaders of Israel, and was shocked that her anger was so deep that it could have tumbled over into to violent rage.… Go to Article


young-women-for-freedom-in-lebanon-and-palestine.jpgNO to WAR and MILITARISATION, NO to a NUCLEAR AUSTRALIA, YES to HUMAN RIGHTS in PEACE AND WAR

Date: August 6 (Sun)
Time: 2pm
Location: QUEENS PARK, Cnr George and Elizabeth Streets, Brisbane

petition-to-member-for-brisbane-arch-bevis-to-stop-israeli-attacks-on-lebanon.jpg Speakers: Andrew Dettmer – State Secretary, Aust Manufacturing Workers Union, Salam El-Merebi – Al Nisa – Aust Muslim Womens Youth Group, Dave Copeman – AIA Amnesty International Australia, Liz Shields – FOE Friends of the Earth Anti-nuclear, Daniele Viliunas – Qld Co-Ordinator MAPW Medical Assoc for Prevention of War, Kim Stewart – Peace Convergence.… Go to Article

Un Agencies report on links between Israel’s war crimes in Gaza and Lebanon

Statement on Gaza by United Nations Humanitarian Agencies working in the occupied Palestinian territory

nve00002.png3 August 2006 – The United Nations humanitarian agencies working in the occupied Palestinian territory are deeply alarmed by the impact continuing violence is having on civilians and civilian infrastructure in Gaza, which has resulted in a sharp decline in the humanitarian situation facing 1.4 million people, more than half of them children.… Go to Article

Proposal for Economic Sanctions against Israel

Boycott Israel

People’s Economic Sanctions


Israel has just invaded Lebanon, again – the first time was in 1982. It has also killed close to 1,000 people, almost all civilians, during three weeks of bombing and shelling (see map). These attacks have occurred in all parts of Lebanon. Israel is now even more than before brutally oppressing the Palestinian people locked up in Gaza and the West Bank.… Go to Article

A Just and Lasting Peace?

Look Israel – a state without borders!

The ALP policy on Palestine calls for a “just and lasting peace” in the Middle East.

Which “just and lasting peace” policy is former ALP shadow Foreign Minister now leader of the opposition, Kevin Rudd, reciting when he wrote in this letter dated 27 July 2006:

We need to see a ceasefire which involves Hezbollah ceasing its rocket attacks on Israel, the return of Israeli troops that have been captured by Hezbollah and Israel itself ceasing all hostilities.”

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Protagonists of Spin

[Editor’s Note: I reproduce this letter sent 8 years ago to Kevin Rudd who was then Shadow Foreign Minister. It was sent by an up-and-coming member of the ALP and energetic supporter of the ‘two-state-solution’. Subsequently Hizbollah did kick Israel out of Lebanon and Hamas did win a democratic election in Gaza despite a coup attempt by US backed Fatah faction leader Mohammed Dahlan.… Go to Article

Open Letter to Kevin Rudd on the crisis in Lebanon and Gaza

Open letter to Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs

Thank you for your response to my phone call to Mr Rudd’s office this morning (27 July 2006).

If you wish to check again with Fleur of Mr Rudd’s electorate office, what I did say was that the shadow minister had spoken about the need for more embassy staff in Beirut but had not focused in those interviews on the terrible human rights abuses happening in Lebanon right now by the Israeli Defence Forces — a repeat of the abuses of the last invasion of Lebanon in 1982, on this occasion on a wider scale.… Go to Article

US, Australia, and Britain step up war in the Middle East

slide28.JPGPlease click on slide to the right to sign the petition supporting an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon and Palestine.
The two articles below show the hypocrisy of the diplomacy of the Australian, British and US governments in the Middle East. While calling for Israeli restraint both governments are directly involved in assisting Israel bombard Lebanon and Gaza by providing training, bombs, and logistical support to the Israeli Defence Forces.… Go to Article

Eastern Busway — a real alternative

There are alternatives to putting busways underground and to building flyovers as a means of providing public transport. Rail was investigated in the 1990s and was ‘found’ to be too expensive and not supportable by population density and therefore demand in the eastern suburbs. But no one can produce a detailed analysis, so is this just a fob off by Translink?During… Go to Article