One thought on “Stop the Attacks on Lebanon!

  1. On 23 July 2006 I watched television images of Israeli tank columns advancing into Lebanon. No Hizballah rockets fell on the advancing tank column but many fell on towns like Haifa which had witnessed a demonstration of Israelis refusing to serve in the military only hours before.

    The air and ground forces of the Israeli advance are formidable. Hizballah’s armed resistance are no match for the Israeli advance. So Hizballah will have/are already melting back into Beirut.

    Once again we may witness an Israeli siege of Beirut similar to that of 1982 that led to the PLO withdrawl after much more loss of life of residents in the city. Remember the Sabra and Chatila massacre of Palestinians by maronite christians aided and abetted by Sharon’s butchers.

    This is a political struggle. Yet at the solidarity demonstration that I attended in Brisbane on 22 July 2006 there was much lip service given to various religious groups by organisers of the rally.

    In the coming days, solidarity demonstrations in Australia should place more focus and emphasis on human rights and political issues faced by the Lebanese, Palestinian, and Iraqi peoples. A cease fire must be forced now to prevent further loss of life.

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