Proposal for Economic Sanctions against Israel

Boycott Israel

People’s Economic Sanctions


Israel has just invaded Lebanon, again – the first time was in 1982. It has also killed close to 1,000 people, almost all civilians, during three weeks of bombing and shelling (see map). These attacks have occurred in all parts of Lebanon. Israel is now even more than before brutally oppressing the Palestinian people locked up in Gaza and the West Bank.


To reinstitute a form of people power based on a principle used by powerful states to punish poor nonconformists – so called Rogue States: the People’s Economic Sanction. The means for isolating and refusing Israeli trade, services and selected goods.

This will be a People’s Sanction, brought about by a refusal to economically engage with Israel. If groups want to enlarge this so as to include other types of sanction or boycotts (sports, cultural, academic whatever) they are free to do so, but the imperative is to act fast and to let all the media know that there is Peoples Economic Sanction being mounted.

Things You Can Do

Identify major Israeli made products and services available on your town/city/region and refuse to buy them. Make list of Israeli products and services and circulate them in your community – ask family and friends not to buy them. The number of products is too long to list, so use the Bar Code Country Code prefix below to identify Israeli products.

The ISRAELI Country Code prefix number is 729. Look for this number and refuse to buy any product with this prefix number.

See word file below for fulldetails of the proposal including a map of the Israeli bombing of Lebanon:

peoples-economic-sanctions-israel.doc  shows the map of the widespread bombing of towns throughout Lebanon.

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