Protagonists of Spin

[Editor’s Note: I reproduce this letter sent 8 years ago to Kevin Rudd who was then Shadow Foreign Minister. It was sent by an up-and-coming member of the ALP and energetic supporter of the ‘two-state-solution’. Subsequently Hizbollah did kick Israel out of Lebanon and Hamas did win a democratic election in Gaza despite a coup attempt by US backed Fatah faction leader Mohammed Dahlan. The US never liked the people getting their say. Both Rudd and his ALP critic both claimed to be in favour of the two-state solution [in Palestine, not Iraq (sic)]. Where lies there solution now, in a bomb crater in Gaza City? There is only silence from both the sender and the recipient of the letter. ]


Letter to Kevin Rudd from Labor member in 2006

Dear Kevin,
I must say I was disappointed in your biased response to the Lebanon/Israeli conflict on ABC radio this morning.

Yes, you are right to condemn oganisations such as Hamas and Hezbollah, but your failure to also condemn Israel for its collective punishment of the Lebanese people was very telling indeed.

You mentioned that Hezbollah has instigated this latest conflict – but is the response justified?
Isn’t there a real possibility that the relentless bombing of Lebanon could also result in the deaths of their two kidnapped soldiers ? Of course I would be a cynic to think that there is another agenda at play here – while this conflict or any other for that matter takes hold in the region, Israel doesn’t have to address its breaches of UN security resolutions in occupied territories, namely the West Bank and the wall it is constructing that will cut the Palestinian people into segments.

Have you condemned Israel for refusing to install a cease fire so as foreign nationals can leave safely – no ? Of course not (I apologise if I have missed your condemnation). Have you condemned Israel for attacks in Gaza unprovoked?

I will be the first to defend Israel’s right to security and peace, but Israel has got to withdraw to its defined borders and address the issues surrounding Palestine, this I believe will address many of the problems. This will I believe also help nullify the delusional who want to see the destruction of Israel – not forgetting there are previous Israeli PM’s who have sworn to never see a Palestinian homeland (no doubt for economic and biblical reasons).

Kevin, I was part of the Irish Army deployment in Southern Lebanon (UNIFIL) for almost 2 years between 1982 – 1990. I was there when Israel invaded in 1982, this resulted in the birth of Hezbollah, many Lebanese people expressed they were the only people to protect them from constant Israeli fire when I returned in 1997, hardly a day went by without Israel and her defacto forces firing (mainly small arms fire) into and at civilian and UN positions / locations – unprovoked.

Of course when (and very rarely did it happen) there was a response from the Lebanese side, it was met with a far greater response, it gave Israel the belief it was justified in its actions.

I have watched Israeli soldiers fire indiscriminately into houses that were occupied by only women and children and we were not equipped or mandated to prevent such actions – at times these actions resulted in civilian and UN casualties.

It is no wonder we (ALP members) are seen as hypocrites – then again far better that, than upsetting the US.

While all sides of the conflict have to take blame and share responsibility, the largest blame belongs to the rest of us – the international community, especially US foreign policy for allowing this to continue, if the international community wanted to solve this conflict it could, but regrettably we need the US to take a lead, but that is highly unlikely as it would be seen as criticising its own foreign policy as it contributes billions of US $ in military aid to Israel.

This is about far more than the capture of soldiers belonging to the IDF (Israel Defence Force) – after all, there are “kidnappings” on both sides.

If the Berlin Wall can come down, so can barriers preventing this conflict, but the longer it is allowed to continue, the higher the barrier will be set – then again, to remove the barrier will result in a Palestinian homeland free of economic persecution.

Yes, I know there are far more pressing issues for us (the Labor Party) here at home in the quest to remove the Howard government.

Name Redacted
Wed, 26 Jul 2006
[editor’s emphasis]

3 thoughts on “Protagonists of Spin

  1. Sean Foley says:

    To Kevin Rudd from Sean Foley
    Vientiane, Laos
    Global email:

    Dear Kevin,

    To date your rhetoric about the cause of the present Israeli war against Lebanon – as it’s way beyond a polite ‘crisis’ – has always managed to find ways of blaming the victims while implying that Israel has been provoked. It’s not rhetoric that I found understandable, and I also found it pretty ideologically biased, partisan and one-eyed to blame anyone else but the Israelis. Always, though, with a light slap on the wrist for the Israelis …

    The attached should serve to change your mind. If it doesn’t, nothing will serve. If this report is valid – and I have reasons to believe it is, as it came from Doug Everingham – then the current war is premeditated international aggression fomented by factions within the Israeli government and military. And if this is so, then you are honour bound – both personally and by your oath of allegiance to uphold the law (of which international law is part) – to immediately make public statements about this, for example calling for the UN Security Council to condemn Israel for (yet another) war of aggression and the swift establishment of a war crimes tribunal.



    Sean Foley
    Vientiane, Laos
    Global email:
    Home Laos: 856 21 353-248
    Mobile Laos: 865 20 592-2587
    SkypeID: shakti3141.

  2. Melody Kemp says:

    Letter to Kevin Rudd from Melody Kemp
    PO Box 2498
    Vientiane Laos

    Dear Kevin,

    I had considered that you were an educated man, open to some controversy and coherent views. Instead your response to Sean’s letter indicated that you have little understanding of the complex history of the region:
    either that or you show opportunistic ignorance. Like the Prime Miniature, your response is based on a seeming He Did it First theory of Foreign Policy and pointless political patois of screaming ‘terrorism’.

    The Israelis remind me of Puritan families who move into Paddington and get upset about the sex shops and gay men and women. Sorry, but I don’t think Israel has the right to exist. The nation has a murky and deadly history. The Stern gang, you might remember, sided with the Germans in fighting the British who were trying to get them a homeland. Irgun and Stern were equally as contemptuous of global opinions about their reign of terror as the current regime is. I have attached a piece written by an Jewish historian to refresh your memory.

    Even their own archeologists (e.g Israel Finkelstein) can find no archeological basis for a Jewish homeland and he debunked the myth, only to have his life threatened. The myth of the Israelis making the desert bloom is just that: The place was all Palestinian orchards the vestiges of which continue to be decimated in Israeli attacks. Commentators have talked about 100 year old fruit trees being bulldozed. Asymetrical warfare? Tell them about it.

    The Israels have shown nothing but contemptuous beligerance and imperialist tendencies since being given the land stolen from the Palestinians.

    So if they want to live in an Arab neighbourhood, you would think they might show more humility.

    To label Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist is to label the Spanish partisans as terrorists. No matter whether you and your pals like it, they are democratically elected representatives, so in fact you are defending the attack and destruction of legitimate governments. And you are Foreign Minister? To defend one’s land from frequent aggressive incursions, destruction of infrastructure and livelihoods, continual harassment murder and destruction is not terrorism. What is happening is in fact state sponsored terrorism and gross war crimes on behalf of /de facto/ nation that knows it is skating on than ice but has fat patrons.

    Without patronage from the US. and the likes of the Libs and ingloriously the ALP, I would hope that the sands of the desert would force them to go back to New York or wherever Then maybe the land could be given to the Jains, Southern Baptists, Hillsong hand wavers or Dancing Wu Li Masters. That a religion should have its own nation is an absurdity that none feel compelled to point out, at pain of being called anti semitic. Now if I am guilty of being anti semitic so be it: but then so are the Israelis, as the Palestinians are Semites.

    I am tired of the Zionists playing victim and then victimising others. I have lived in countries where populations have been devastated.

    Cambodia, Indonesia to name two. They have not invaded other nations, in particular the US that was complicit in both cases, to get revenge. Nor did the UK invade Northern Island and kill hundreds to regain soldiers kidnapped by the IRA.

    It’s like Israel is allowed to hold huge tantrums and kill at random because we retain an element of selective guilt. Sorry Kevin. Not this little black duck.

    Grow some cojones Kevin. At least have some product definition.

    Melody Kemp
    PO Box 2498
    Vientiane Laos

  3. On 4th December 2006 my local federal member, Kevin Rudd became leader of the ALP opposition.

    I fear this will be bad news for the Australian worker.

    I note that [name redacted] wrote in this letter (above) that Rudd showed a “biased response to the Lebanon / Israeli conflict”.

    I noted also that one of the first things Rudd said on becoming leader of the Federal Labor Party (ABC’s 7:30 Report on 4th December 2006) was that he is a conservative on defence and the economy.

    He said that he is a strong supporter of the American alliance.

    Will he withdraw Australian troops from the ‘coalition of the willing’ if he becomes PM?

    Or will he increase Australian involvement in unjust wars in the Middle East & Afghanistan to protect the American Alliance like the Howard Government?

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