young-women-for-freedom-in-lebanon-and-palestine.jpgNO to WAR and MILITARISATION, NO to a NUCLEAR AUSTRALIA, YES to HUMAN RIGHTS in PEACE AND WAR

Date: August 6 (Sun)
Time: 2pm
Location: QUEENS PARK, Cnr George and Elizabeth Streets, Brisbane

petition-to-member-for-brisbane-arch-bevis-to-stop-israeli-attacks-on-lebanon.jpg Speakers: Andrew Dettmer – State Secretary, Aust Manufacturing Workers Union, Salam El-Merebi – Al Nisa – Aust Muslim Womens Youth Group, Dave Copeman – AIA Amnesty International Australia, Liz Shields – FOE Friends of the Earth Anti-nuclear, Daniele Viliunas – Qld Co-Ordinator MAPW Medical Assoc for Prevention of War, Kim Stewart – Peace Convergence.

One thought on “HIROSHIMA DAY PEACE RALLY & MARCH (Brisbane)

  1. Road to Hiroshima?

    Have you heard on the news this morning of the massacre at El Kaa (sometimes spelt Qaa but pronounced “haa”) yesterday (4 Aug 2006) out near the Syrian border in the far north of Lebanon?

    I heard it first on ABC news radio earlier this morning. Todays (5 Aug 2006) Weekend Australian refers to it on their front page. It has been confirmed by Al Jazeera that the Israelis killed at least 20 farm workers loading produce for market at El Kaa.

    It seems the Israeli aim is to prevent food from getting to Beirut. What other explanation is there for bombing farm workers loading fruit for market in Beirut. The bombing is next to a Greek Catholic village. The village of El Kaa is as far from the Israeli border as you can get. The Israeli spin machine is already saying that they were trying to bomb Hizballah. But the nearest Hizballah town is miles away.

    The Israeli strategy of starving Beirut is further confirmed by the bombing of bridges into north Beirut where Hizballah does not have any infrastructure. Prior to this bombing this was the only entry point for food into Beirut. News reports yesterday described the bombing of roads into the north of Beirut from Damascus i.e. to prevent trucks bringing food to Beirut from Syria.

    The Australian political establishment are debating whether Israeli is complying with the Geneva Convention or the ‘rules’ of war. How far from reality are these people when Israeli politicians and generals are openly flaunting such rules by collectively punishing all Lebanese through bombing and deprivation of food and services. The facts on the ground support this.
    Hizballah is not being weakened but strengthened. Only 20% of the Lebanese now oppose Hizballah, mainly in sections of the Druze and Christian communities. Hizballah have freedom fighters, they have put infrastructure on the ground and have not been corrupt, that is why they have won the support of the Lebanese people.

    There was a huge anti-US and anti-Israel demonstration in Baghdad yesterday in support of Hizballah.
    Given that many of the itinerant farm workers who come to El Kaa are from Syria how much longer before Israeli actions draw Syria in to the conflict?
    By some small chance, Hizballah, supported by Syria, may be able to make possible the liberation of parts of Palestine and the Golan. If that happens, what will the Israeli generals do, ruthless generals who have been using cluster and vacuum bombs on the Lebanese people may use nuclear weapons.

    The Americans may find that they are to be driven out of Iraq, given that the demonstrations in Baghdad are so strongly in favour of Hizballah. They have lost control of half of Afghanistan, NATO is sending forces to bolster their position. The Americans have nearly lost control in Iraq; and their surrogates in Palestine, the Israelis, can make little ground. The Americans can only hide in their bases and have their warplanes bomb civilians …but that is their history…a history that took them to Hiroshima.

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