Afghanistan: US drone strike kills aid worker and his family

“The United States departure from Kabul after 20 years of fighting has been chaotic and is now almost over. The situation in the country remains fraught, though, after a terrorist attack on the airport being used for evacuations by the U.S. military. And that attack was followed by a retaliatory U.S. drone strike against the terrorist group ISIS-K. (sic) – NPR reporter ASMA KHALID in Where The U.S. Involvement In Afghanistan Went Wrong

Hang on, ‘that attack was followed by a retaliatory U.S. drone strike against the terrorist group ISIS-K‘ ??

Let’s watch what a New York times investigation has to say about this ‘righteous’ (a Pentagon term) drone strike with a hellfire missile, they say it was a worker for a Californian NGO providing aid in Kabul that the US military killed along with 9 members of his family including 7 children.

U.S. officials said a Reaper drone followed a car for hours and then fired based on evidence it was carrying explosives. But in-depth video analysis and interviews shows that account was false and a aid worker and his family were killed.

One interesting thing that came of the NPR report was how the US failed in Afghanistan. NPR’s Asma Khalid speaks with Azmat Khan, a contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine, about the many signs that America’s involvement in Afghanistan was falling short of stated goals.

ASMAT KHAN: … One of the sort of legacies of the United States in Afghanistan that was viewed successfully was educating girls, educating children, opening up girls’ schools, providing textbooks, you know, changing this young generation of would-be Taliban recruits, as the Americans like to frame it. And what I found was 1,100 ghost schools, schools that are open on the books and are getting money but are not, in fact, open on the ground. See

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