Castles on Priestdale Road

As you ride along Priestdale Road at Rochedale you can see where the toffs live with their high walls and fancy gates. Similar opulence is in Yeronga on the popular river loop ride with their faux colonial mansions and waterfront views. Even greater private wealth can probably be found in Sydney and Melbourne.

But such inequality strikes you hard. There is even a modest Spanish castle that looks like an Israeli checkpoint in Palestine. The Bush Levy on everyone’s rates make the Koala reserve nearby possible but they allow dogs into the forest. Weird?

Along the way you see developers at work creating more suburban sprawl in an area that was farmland a generation ago.

Rochedale has a state school with a great marine science program built up over 35 years. Snuggled into dry sclerophyll forest with large eucalypts scattered among the stringy bark trees, it looks like a good public school.

By the roadside on signs, you see names like Trotter, Scurr and Burnett and wonder if they are part of the elite? We pass a huge Karreman quarry. Many of the houses look like they were built in the 1970s, at least the bricks came from that period, like the Hartley Teakle building at University of Queensland. The elite are tired of the 1970s and wish to erase it from memory and introduce a new darker period where private is king and consumerism reaches deep into the education system.

So I dedicate this ride to save one small vestige of the 1970s, the UQ student Union Complex.

Join the riders with the Free Palestine kit on the Kangaroo Point cliffs boardwalk (under the Capt Cook Bridge) each Sunday at 6.30am in the lead up to the Tour de Brisbane.

Ian Curr
1 Mar 2021

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