Stop the war on aboriginal children

Aunty Cephia speaking out against unjustified child removals

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Australia commemorated the anniversary of the apology to the Stolen Generations? Sadly the phenomenon of the Queensland Government taking Aboriginal children and placing them with non-Indigenous foster carers is still continuing.

The Aboriginal Child Placement Principle says that if as a last resort it is in a child’s best interests to remove them from their parents, the child should be placed in the care of extended family rather than taken out of the community altogether, but that didn’t happen in Sarah’s case, and it seems like this policy is often ignored by the Department of Child Services.

After Sarah and her colleagues refused to leave the building, some senior public servants eventually came and spoke to her and promised to give her case a closer look. We’re still waiting to hear back.

Minister Leanne Linard MP please don’t turn your back on this issue.

Aunty Cephia and Sister Karen speaking out in 2014