Stop Thales at Land Forces Expo

Thales – c640–546? b.c., Greek philosopher, born in Miletus.
Thales – the weapons manufacturer – is owned by the Government of France, by Dassault Aviation, and employee share ownership.

Qld Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk opening manufacture of arms and armoured cars in Maryborough.

In June 2021 a military expo is coming to Brisbane. This is supported by the Queensland government and the Australian Army but mostly by the arms industry corporations like Thales, Raytheon, Rheinmetall NIOA Munitions that make bullets and armoured cars in Maryborough.

The Land Forces Expo ’21 will run from 1-3 June at the Brisbane Convention Centre in South Brisbane.

Stop  the Land Forces exhibition in June at the Brisbane Convention Centre in June 2021!

Show of Military Might in Brisbane

Nearly 50 years ago a similar show of military might hit the streets of Brisbane supported by another conservative government led by Bjelke-Petersen. On the 3rd December 1977 the largest display of military might since WWII ploughed up Queen Street. Tanks rolled down the street, dozens of military aircraft flew overhead, hundreds of troops marched before clapping crowds. This was a celebration of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee organised by showman and entrepreneur Harry M Miller.

Different government same policy
Within a couple of hours 210 people were arrested only 50 metres away trying to march out King Geroge Square for democratic rights. Here is some archival sound and vision of that event. Here is a brief description of Harry M Miller’s Queen’s Silver Jubilee on 3 Dec 1977 in Queens Street, Brisbane . Thousands of troops blocked the streets for two and a half hours.

Only two hours later and a block away, there was a march for democratic rights by 3,000 trade unionists and citizens. 210 people were arrested by 700 police forming a blockade in Albert Street. The narrators are Leslie Mannison and Ian Curr from the Civil Liberties Co-ordinating committee and the video of the event can be found at

CLCC film of the Democratic Rights struggle 1977

One thought on “Stop Thales at Land Forces Expo

  1. Wage Peace frustrate Killer Robots says:


    A community group has protested this morning at the office of a Brisbane company building so called killer robots.

    Killer Robots are robots that kill without meaningful human oversight“, said Margaret Pestorius from the Disrupt Land Forces Campaign.

    The drone chooses a person as target, and artificial intelligence decides whether or not to shoot.

    Skyborne, a company at Murrarie in Brisbane’s South, has received more than a half a million dollars from both the Federal and State governments. They are part of a global race to build small drones that will automatically fire weapons at humans.

    Ms Pestorius said “The Company’s research crosses the “ethical red line“. It would be impossible to tell friend from foe.

    The Queensland Government is paying undisclosed amounts of money to fund the research. And the Federal Government has paid a half a million toward the project.

    Skyborne will be showing off its weaponised drone, funded by Queenslanders at the Land Forces expo in Brisbane in June. The group said they were angry that Queensland was spending money sponsoring the weapons trading event. in a period when there was little money to supplement the Newstart payment or little money for scaled up renewables projects oreven for meaningful bush regeneration in the face of Climate Change. “Yet the Government have money to pour money out to the biggest weapons dealers in the world“.

    There seems to be endless money and young people’s good intelligence wasted on military projects when what we need is real security in the face of climate change and a pandemic” said Ms Pestorius. “That’s why we will be disrupting Land Forces“.

    Land Forces will be held from the 1-3 of June. Over 260 weapons dealers will attend to sell – among other things – tanks, guns, rubber bullets and rocket launchers!

    Contact info@DisruptLandForces
    Margie Pestorius At 0403214422

    TIME: 8.30 (Live Feed)
    Place: Skyborne Metroplex Ave Murarrie
    Photos at Twitter at
    Live Feed at FaceBook Wagepeaceau
    Margaret Pestorius
    Wage Peace
    Beyond War
    P: 0403214422
    T/I: @wagepeaceau @beyondwarau @pestoriusm
    I live on Aboriginal Land
    Never ceded.
    Mostly Yidindji Territory
    But also that of the Yuggera.
    I was born on the Land of the Turrbul.
    #LestweForget the #FrontierWars

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