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Galilee Blockade group Dob In Adani contractors

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The central issue of climate change is being lost in the Stop Adani campaign. There is a more to do than to stop Adani, to focus on one mine risks winning a battle but losing a war. Sadly there is … Continue reading


Public meeting about Public Trustee

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Iran Crisis in the Gulf of Homuz

People in the Middle East will pay a terrible price for US citizens electing Donald Trump.

In July 1988, the USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian civilian airliner.

A year later, the US Naval Institute Proceedings carried a report by the commander of sister ship who put the blame on the gung-ho behaviour of the Vincennes commander which he said had been ‘a topic of wardroom conversation.’

Throughout, Washington blamed the Iranian civilian pilot for flying in a manner threatening to the warship.

If Assange is the Falcon, Trump is the Snowmanus-warships-in-the-suez-1US Ships playing war games near the Gulf

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ fm 102.1 Friday at Noon 28th of June 2019

In 2018 Paradigm Shift hosted a local spokesperson for the resistance in Iran. During that interview he showed the sympathy for the United States foreign policy in the region. I wonder how he feels now with the Pres Trump threatening to authorise military attacks on Iran. Two weeks ago trumpet did give the okay for missile strikes as he had done in Syria but at the last moment had a cold feet. Perhaps there was not enough real estate in the deal if he were to start a war with Iran. The interviewee Michael was detained on Manus by the Australian government after he had fled Iran. [Interview with Michael].

If the US fulfils its promise of military intervention the people of Iran Will pay a terrible price. A Price seminar to that paid by the people of…

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History of Western Civilisation

To study a History of Western Civiliastion? To better understand the world? Why? Has human thought advanced at all since Aristotle? Probably not. He advocated participatory democracy (without women) … we now have the lesser representative democracy (with some women) … Continue reading


West End Film Festival



Foco Nuevo in July

Friday, 5th July, 2019 Doors open 7.00 pm Concert starts 7.30 pm. Kurilpa Hall 174 Boundary Street, West End (map) Our winter program will keep you warm! Our guest musicians this month are Yellow Bird and The New Middle Class. … Continue reading


No Memorial to Dundalli

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There are plenty of sculptures and plaques in Post Office Square in Brisbane. The most famous one is of Major-General Glasgow which is the last sculpture made by Daphne Mayo, a well-known Brisbane sculptor. Mayo was responsible for the controversial … Continue reading


Israel Folau: the devil’s party and the God of Mammon

Better to reign in hell, than serve in heaven – John Milton, Paradise Lost __oOo__ Ten Commandments for Passing the Ball Like all his people, Folau is the victim of cultural colonization. Tonga is the only nation-state with Methodism as … Continue reading


Reluctant Saviour

Please watch our latest 10 min. “sizzle reel” for RELUCTANT SAVIOUR. PW = reluctant  With June 30th  not far away, you can still make a tax-deductible donation to the film here: All donations will go to support our next shoot in … Continue reading


Delegates confirm solidarity with Cuba

Sixty delegates from around Australia reaffirmed their commitment to the Cuban Revolution at the annual National Consultation of the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society, which was held in Brisbane on the 29–31 March, 2019. After a Welcome to Country by local elder, … Continue reading


Big union rally to change the rules


Woody Guthrie – songs of freedom

Woody Guthrie Woody Guthrie: Songs of Freedom


Left loses key union election

We publish below Bob Carnegie’s last words as Qld Branch Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia. Paul Petersen remains as assistant branch secretary having won the ballot for that position. Bob Carnegie has served the trade union movement well. … Continue reading


Stop Adani stops Brisbane City

Big numbers at the Stop Adani rally blocking the car lanes leading out of the CBD to South Bank… Key messages: 1. The coal industry is economically unviable and will not create secure long-term jobs. Telling workers otherwise is deceptive … Continue reading

You Can Not Trust the Public Trustee

Paradigm Shift

This is a story of how a retired electrical trades worker a retired meat worker and a homeless person helped bring down one of the most powerful people in the Queensland Government. That person is Peter Carne, the Public Trustee of Queensland, who controlled billions of dollars in assets of ordinary workers and some private trusts. Carne was the boss of 600 public servants across the state and was characterized in the public press as representing the old guard of the Labour Party. However, he is actually a reformer embracing government flirtation with neoliberalism and privatisation.

Listen at

During the show a person from the Department of Justice doing an audit on the fees charged by the Public Trustee requested that people who have been ripped off by the Public Trustee come forward. Please let us know if you have been a victim of mismanagement by the Qld Public…

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People’s Sleepout – Housing is a Human Right

There will be a People’s Sleepout in Brisbane Post Office Square at 3pm on Friday, 21 June 2019 to help draw attention to the issues raised in Jonno’s speech below and pressure all levels of government to do more to … Continue reading

Destination Manus Island

Please support Sail4Justice

Paradigm Shift

Word from Andy who is sailing from Queensland to Manus Island with Sail 4 Justice.

Paradigm Shift wishes the crew a safe journey.

“This is us pulling in to Yeppoon a couple of days ago after five days at sea. A lack of wind meant we had a break there, which i took advantage of by popping up to the adani protest camp and singing a few songs at a rad gig there. Getting back on the ocean now to keep heading north towards Manus Island, where we keep getting more horrible reports about the situation for people stuck there. Follow Sail 4 Justice for more updates.”

Andy has done a number of radio shows on Paradigm Shift about Australian government detention of refugees on Manus Island. To understand why it is important to support htis effort you can listen to some of the shows at the links below.

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Working with Palestinian farmers

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA works in the West Bank and Gaza with three local organisations to support small-scale farmers get quality produce to market, increase household incomes and help establish sustainable cooperative businesses. Together with the MA’AN Development Centre, Asala Palestinian … Continue reading

‘You Can Not Trust the Public Trustee’ on radio in Washington

Friends of Ross talk on radio in the U.S.A about why ‘You Can Not Trust the Public Trustee’ in Queensland.

The PPJ Gazette

Join us this evening June 10, 2019 at 7:00 pm CST!

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Dangerous Allies – U.S. Marines in Darwin

“The USA marines in Darwin could drag Australia into war.”  There is no guarantee that the marines will not engage in military action on order from Washington.  In that eventuality, Canberra would be powerless to prevent Australia becoming involved in war. … Continue reading


Democracy a challenge to the European project

The EU is a doomed empire European tensions are growing. There is Brexit, a Germany without direction, and nationalist forces that aim to bend the EU to serve their own project. What is the European Union? The closest concept I can come up … Continue reading


Freedom of their Press

Freedom for whom? Freedom from whom? Freedom against whom? Freedoms are questions of class power. Can there be too much freedom of the press? Yes, in the hands of Mass Murdoch. News Ltd is the 24/7 enemy of a free … Continue reading


US attempts to orchestrate coup in Venezuela

This week we talk with Diego Sequera from Mision Verdad in Venezuela about the attempt by the United States government to orchestrate a coup in his country. Firstly some background, Hugo Chavez nationalised Venezuelan oil in the late 1990s and … Continue reading


Public Trustee suspended

The ladder of law has no top and no bottom – Bob Dylan ‘The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll’ After six years of people exposing the office of the public trustee in Queensland for failure to look after its clients’ … Continue reading


Legal win on Adani water project – a pyrrhic victory?

What is the strategy given that both legal means and running candidates for election have failed and that there does not seem to be an industrial strategy to re-train fossil fuel workers to do sustainable jobs? Continue reading


Tipping point on Adani?


Art as Protest

This is a video the Tate Gallery in London made about the artist Richard Bell. They used some images from Guniwaya Ngigu (We Fight) that the Radical Times Archive supplied with the filmmaker Madeline McGrady’s blessing …


Sorrows of the Silent Spring

The state government announced approval for the Adani mine today. So state and federal governments have won the trifecta, on climate change at least. They have determined to ignore it in favour of the economy. They have beaten opponents of … Continue reading


For a Socialist Republic

20 years ago Australians rejected a republic in a national referendum. The model proposed was to substitute an Australian President for the Queen. This president was to be elected by the executive and not the people. Unsurprisingly Australians rejected this. … Continue reading


Anti-Terrorism Laws

Here is an excellent summary of  new ‘anti-terrorism’ laws in Australia by Bevan Ramsden (APAN). Recently a regular WBT correspondent claimed that: “Manning & Assange were sold out by the anti-war movement that incited & abandoned them.“ Please note that WBT … Continue reading