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‘You Can Not Trust the Public Trustee’ on radio in Washington

Friends of Ross talk on radio in the U.S.A about why ‘You Can Not Trust the Public Trustee’ in Queensland.

The PPJ Gazette

Join us this evening June 10, 2019 at 7:00 pm CST!

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Dangerous Allies – U.S. Marines in Darwin

“The USA marines in Darwin could drag Australia into war.”  There is no guarantee that the marines will not engage in military action on order from Washington.  In that eventuality, Canberra would be powerless to prevent Australia becoming involved in war. … Continue reading


Democracy a challenge to the European project

The EU is a doomed empire European tensions are growing. There is Brexit, a Germany without direction, and nationalist forces that aim to bend the EU to serve their own project. What is the European Union? The closest concept I can come up … Continue reading


Freedom of their Press

Freedom for whom? Freedom from whom? Freedom against whom? Freedoms are questions of class power. Can there be too much freedom of the press? Yes, in the hands of Mass Murdoch. News Ltd is the 24/7 enemy of a free … Continue reading


US attempts to orchestrate coup in Venezuela

This week we talk with Diego Sequera from Mision Verdad in Venezuela about the attempt by the United States government to orchestrate a coup in his country. Firstly some background, Hugo Chavez nationalised Venezuelan oil in the late 1990s and … Continue reading


Public Trustee suspended

The ladder of law has no top and no bottom – Bob Dylan ‘The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll’ After six years of people exposing the office of the public trustee in Queensland for failure to look after its clients’ … Continue reading


Legal win on Adani water project – a pyrrhic victory?

What is the strategy given that both legal means and running candidates for election have failed and that there does not seem to be an industrial strategy to re-train fossil fuel workers to do sustainable jobs? Continue reading


Tipping point on Adani?


Art as Protest

This is a video the Tate Gallery in London made about the artist Richard Bell. They used some images from Guniwaya Ngigu (We Fight) that the Radical Times Archive supplied with the filmmaker Madeline McGrady’s blessing …


Sorrows of the Silent Spring

The state government announced approval for the Adani mine today.So state and federal governments have won the trifecta, on climate change at least. They have determined to ignore it in favour of the economy. They have beaten opponents of the … Continue reading


For a Socialist Republic

20 years ago Australians rejected a republic in a national referendum. The model proposed was to substitute an Australian President for the Queen. This president was to be elected by the executive and not the people. Unsurprisingly Australians rejected this. … Continue reading


Anti-Terrorism Laws

Here is an excellent summary of  new ‘anti-terrorism’ laws in Australia by Bevan Ramsden (APAN). Recently a regular WBT correspondent claimed that: “Manning & Assange were sold out by the anti-war movement that incited & abandoned them.“ Please note that WBT … Continue reading


Cortés, what a killer

This gallery contains 1 photos.

He came dancing across the water With his galleons and guns Looking for the new world In that palace in the sun …Cortés, what a killer He came dancing across the water With his galleons and guns Looking for the … Continue reading


Radical house – Austral Street

The first radical house I lived in was in Austral Street St Lucia in Brisbane. I lived there from 1975 ~1977. At Austral Street I met people involved in agitating for public transport, independent media, opposition to uranium mining and … Continue reading

Why the UQ Union Complex should be saved

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ fm 102.1) Friday at noon Hear why the University of Queensland Union complex should be heritage listed!

Hear interviews with Howard Guille (former Qld Heritage Councillor) and Desley Agnoletto (former manager of the Schonell Theatre.

Images: Opening of the Schonell Theatre in 1971 and Forum during Vietnam Moratorium in 1970

Listen to the program HERE


Eurythmics – 1984
Jumping Fences – Sounds of a Town
Parameters – Pig City

Individuals, theatre groups, community organisations, trade unions, everyone can have a say. Please make a submission to the Heritage Council and quote Heritage Register Number 650238.
See image on how to make a submission.


Statement by Paradigm Shift on Operation SLIPPER

Jamie Larcombe was just nineteen
When he signed up for the Operation
The Generals called ‘SLIPPER’
Code for global war
In Afghanistan, Middle East and the
Gulf of Aden
No medals will bring…

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Chambers Flat Road Resumptions

We post this article here because Logan council wishes to buy up land on Chambers Flat Road Munruben to widen a connecting road and build a new bridge. Yet the proposed road and bridge is on a floodplain. After the … Continue reading


Whatever happened to idealism?

It looks like the Save the UQ Union Complex has got Matt Condon onside! Condon is the author of All Fall Down.


Open letter to fossil fuel workers

WBT was sent this article by a regular contributor. We would be interested in your comments. __oOo__ This letter to coal miners etc is in my opinion an excellent example of how the environment movement needs to start interacting with … Continue reading


Operation SLIPPER

This gallery contains 1 photos.

Jamie Larcombe was just nineteen When he signed up for the Operation The Generals called ‘SLIPPER’ Code for global war In Afghanistan, Middle East and the Gulf of Aden No medals will bring Jamie home, That boy from Kangaroo Island– … Continue reading


If Assange is the Falcon, Trump is the Snowman

espionage (noun) … the practice of spying or of using spies, typically by governments to obtain political and military information. – Oxford Dictionary The Falcon and the Snowman It is as if Trump has thrown us back to the Cold … Continue reading


50 years of jamming the system

Here is a message from the Save the University of Queensland Union complex committee  asking people to put it in the submissions to the heritage department.  Please support this if you can. __oOo__ Saving UQ Union complex Heritage submissions due … Continue reading

Saving Wee Waa

The radio show ‘Saving Wee Waa‘ broadcast on the Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at noon) this week could have been about any country town in NSW or Vic or Qld etc. It could be about regional Australia … places like Condobolin, Trundle, Moree, Echuca, Tailem Bend, Kalgoorlie, Clermont, Lowood, Katherine … it is about country, about water, about land. ‘Saving Wee Waa’ was several years in the making.

Will regional Australia learn its lesson, give up on racism and embrace a more sustainable custodianship of the land?

We hope so.

Paradigm Shift

Plate sin with gold, and the strong lance of justice hurtless brakes.
Arm it with rags, a pygmy’s straw doth pierce it. – Shakespeare.

Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at Noon) broadcast on 31 May 2019.

Author on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

On a recent cycling trip with my brother through the Brisbane Valley we visited a number of regional towns .

On our journey I noted that a number of these towns were in serious economic decline. There was an attempt to bolster these towns using tourism. However this boost was only patchy. Tourism could not replace the dying industries of dairy, railway and agriculture.

Since colonisation there has been a question mark over the sustainability of clearing scrub for cattle, of coal mining and of logging – all industries favoured in S-E Queensland over the past 100 years.

Erosion, bushfires and flooding have been the result…

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