Galilee Blockade group Dob In Adani contractors

The central issue of climate change is being lost in the Stop Adani campaign.

There is a more to do than to stop Adani, to focus on one mine risks winning a battle but losing a war.

Sadly there is no discussion of class in the Stop Adani campaign. It is the people contributing least to climate change that bear the burden, for example poor and the working class bordering the Bay of Bengal in Mumbai, people on the disappearing Islands of Kiribati lacking resources to move to higher ground.

Sopt Adani at HQ in BrisbaneThe failure of Labor-led Qld Council of Unions to adopt a policy on climate change for workers to transition out of fossil fuel jobs is of great concern. Even at 15% membership unions are a powerful force in bringing about change.

Some unions have adopted good policies, like the National Tertiary Education Union. Other union leaders like Bob Carnegie who is the immediate past Secretary of the Qld Branch of the Maritime Union of Australia has come out against thermal coal mines.

More needs to be done at the rank and file level. But what organisation will take it up?

Ian Curr
30 June 2019
Workers BushTelegraph


The Galilee Blockade activists took over the foyer of Adani HQ in Brisbane. Photo supplied.

A group of activists from the Galilee Blockade group took over the foyer of the Adani HQ at Eagle Street in Brisbane yesterday saying they wouldn’t leave until they were arrested.

After three and a half hours blocking the building’s lift access and engaging staff, 12 people in total were arrested and removed by police, the youngest a 47-year-old father of four and the oldest a 74-year-old grandmother of four.

Police and activists at Adani HQ. Photo supplied.

The group refused to leave the building and were arrested for ‘breaching the peace’.

The disruptive action marks the beginning of Dob In Adani campaign, a project for activists to obtain hidden information about Adani and their contractors.

Galilee Blockade spokesperson Ben Pennings was one of the people arrested, Pennings said this was just the beginning. ‘Hundreds of Queenslanders got arrested to save Fraser Island and the Daintree rainforest,’ he said. ‘Thousands will get arrested to protect our climate, the Great Barrier Reef and the Great Artesian Basin.’

Pennings says Adani hide details of their insurer and major contractors because a majority of Queenslanders are opposed to their disastrous thermal coal mine. ‘Large companies working with Adani risk reputational damage but also costly protests.

‘We will use information we are given to regularly blockade the operations of corporations in bed with Adani.’

The Galilee Blockade is encouraging people to Dob In Adani at

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