One thought on “Tipping point on Adani?

  1. Sam Bullock says:

    The union movement tied in with a Labour bureaucracy and the loss of the elections.

    The one problem there is is no working class involv(ed) to break away from Union bureaucracy and the Australian Labour Party.

    This is going to be a catastrophe.

    Whose mine goes ahead?

    I think my union (CFMEU) made a major blunder because when (there was) was split over ‘Stop Adani’, a lot of the mining sector support(ed) maintaining jobs in regional Australia and in Far North Queensland. This pressured the Labor Party to make a decision to give the go ahead for the (Adani) mine despite massive resistance on the streets.

    The big problem (with the environment movement) was that we needed to get unions onside to realize the mine is not going to be in their interests.

    Coal is a dead industry.

    As China transitions to renewables (the same with the European Union) there will be no market for Australian coal because when the mine is not (economically) feasible.

    Damage will be done … horrific environmental impacts for very short term gain.

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