Freedom of their Press

Freedom for whom? Freedom from whom? Freedom against whom?

Freedoms are questions of class power.

Can there be too much freedom of the press?

Yes, in the hands of Mass Murdoch.

News Ltd is the 24/7 enemy of a free press.

The AFP raids on a Canberra hack for the Sydney Smelly-gaff and on the government broadcaster spotlight that the threat from the covert dictatorship of the boss class comes from state apparatuses far, far more than a mob of yobbos.  


Did the AFP raid to intimidate whistle-blowers and journalists on behalf of Dutton’s gang?

Servants of power seek to consolidate their own power by doing what they discern to be their masters’ bidding before being asked.

But the AFP has more than enough skeletons in its own cupboards to be anxious to ‘scare the monkeys’.

The AFP’s own high crimes and misdemeanors include:

1. The thirty-year persecution of David Eastman for the murder of Deputy Commissioner Winchester in 1989. The Force needed a patsy like Eastman to direct attention from the dirty drug dealings of other top cops with the mafia who did carry out the hit.

2. Chief Commissioner Kelty’s persecution of Dr Haneef over the 2007 London and Glasgow bombings.

3. The suicides of Deputy-Commissioners Audrey Fagan in 2007 and Samantha Baglin in 2018.

4. A recent run of suicides out of the AFP’s culture of intimidation, including Superintendent Roberts also in 2018.

 5. Who in the AFP wants a whistle-blower to help anyone investigating whether any of the coke or cash might just happen to stick to the wallopers during one of their billion-dollar drug busts?

Below are a few quotations to spruce up the twitter-sphere’s latest distraction:

The first freedom of the Press is not to be a business.

            Karl Marx, Rheinische Zeitung, May 1842.

The media – stenographers to power.

            Amy Goodman

Doctors bury their mistakes. Politicians stamp theirs TOP SECRET.

One cannot hope

to bribe or twist

thank God!

the British journalist.

But seeing what

the man will do

unbribed, there’s

no occasion to.

            Humbert Wolfe (1930).

Guarded drinkers in the Wello

on the point of growing mellow

sometimes whisper to the Press

facts which could not matter less.

            Les Murray, ‘Rhymes for a Small Capital’ (1974)


Remember Assange, Manning and Snowden.

What has ‘Professor’ Peter Gresteever exposed beyond his own subservience to the power who wants Assange dead? Greste was jailed by one murderous dictatorship (Egypt) while being a keypad-for-hire to another murdering dictator in Qatar.

For a reminder of what Assange did to attract his death sentence read Clinton Fernandes’s latest book: What Uncle Sam Wants (Palgrave Macmillan)

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