One thought on “Right to the City

  1. Yes Minister says:

    Councils have a soft underbelly that dissidents tail to recognize. These entities are NOT a legitimate form of government but rather bodies corporate. As such, the legitimacy of any development approvals must questionable at best. It must be blindingly obvious to all who have challenged the establishment on its home turf that all normal avenues for recourse have been deliberately blocked, which means that a more enlightened approach is needed. The establishment has shown by a number of deceptively framed referenda that it knows the ‘local government’ issue is a threat, why not then exploit it for everything its worth ? I’ll be meeting with a couple of different groups with a similar perspective in the next week of two with a view to making a few hot buttons for the forthcoming state election, ‘local government’, the guardianship racket, and the utterly farcical ‘justice’ system being three already on the table.

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