The Big Ride for Palestine – launch at Trades & Labour Council (TLC) Brisbane

Today I joined Barb Williams, Sue Monk, Ian Curr and Khalil Hamdan in the Brisbane launch of the Big Ride, walking through Southbank Parklands, sporting our Big Ride logos, and talking about the Palestinian community in Brisbane.

Launch of The Big Ride for Palestine TLC building South Brisbane. Photo: Lachlan Hurse

We spoke to some cyclists at a coffee cart along the way, encouraging them to join the Big Ride, and spotted large models of Gouldian Finches that were part of the Brisbane Festival.

Great conversations, exercise and building relationships through a shared activity.

Lachlan Hurse
7 Sept 2020

Solidarity with Palestine!

#TheBigRideAus#Palestine#SolidarityUnion Aid Abroad – APHEDA

One thought on “The Big Ride for Palestine – launch at Trades & Labour Council (TLC) Brisbane

  1. Members of Team Al Quds, (Ian, Graeme and I) rode part of the ‘Brookfield Three Fingers’ ride, a well-known training run in Brisbane’s west, with reasonable hills over 40 km.

    It was a beautiful day, great riding weather, with wildflowers, flowering trees, plenty of ducks and even a snake scurrying across the road. The view of Gold Creek Reservoir reminded us of the importance of water, and the shortages and uncertainty of supply faced in Borj el Barajni refugee camp in Lebanon where the Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organisation – for whom we are raising money – is based.

    Solidarity with Palestine!

    Lachlan Hurse
    9 September 2020

    Please support the Big Ride see


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