Al Nakba 2017


Ethnic Cleansing and Population Transfer (1948 – present)
In order to establish exclusive Jewish-Israeli control, Israel has carried out a policy of population transfer. By fostering Jewish immigration and settlements, and forcibly displacing indigenous Palestinians, Israel has changed the demographic composition of the country.
Today, 70% of Palestinians are refugees and internally displaced persons and approximately one half of the people are in exile abroad.
None of them are allowed to return.
Forcible transfer of Palestinians continues until today, mainly in the Southern District (Beersheba Region), the historical, coastal Palestinian towns (“mixed towns”) and in the occupied West Bank, in particular in the lsraeli-proclaimed “greater Jerusalem” the Jordan Valley and the southern Hebron District.
Forcible transfer of populations is a standalone crime under international law, and part of the crime of apartheid under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. It gives rise to individual liability and state responsibility.
Al Nakba DayAppropriation of Palestinian Land, Segregation of Populations and Space (Current Situation)
Until 1948, Palestinians owned and used at least 90°/o of the land. Since then, most of this land has been confiscated or seized by Israel. The map shows the status quo created by Israel since 1948 through expropriation, fragmentation and annexation of Palestinian land, forcible transfer, and racial segregation of populations and space.

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