17 Group meeting deferred to Wed 15th of June

Owing to the annual religious commitments of our largely Maroonite Originist congregation, the 17 Group meeting to be addressed by Larry Zetlin on his documentary about the 60s-70s anti-conscription movement will not risk a potentially sacrilegious clash with this year’s first encounter of true believers with the southern heretics on Wednesday the 1st of June. This clash will take the customary form of an allegorical rugby league ceremony.

Plenary indulgences are to be gained by the laity for attendance at the ceremony, and a dispensation for those in ill health applies, so that watching the ceremony on TV secures minor indulgences.

Nor will we clash with the secular comrades of the BLHA who will gather in the TLC building for the annual Alex Macdonald Lecture on Wednesday the 8th of June.

We will instead meet at the usual hour and in the usual place on Wednesday the 15th of June. A fuller notice about this gathering will follow on the Wednesday one week before the gathering. Leon reluctantly agrees with this assault on his routine.

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