Refugee DETENTION DRIVING PEOPLE CRAZY – reasons why Behind the report, take a look at daily life in one of the better detention camps and see if it would keep you feeling happy, hopeful and fulfilled. Imagine this is much worse in the isolated camps where there are no visitors and no one is watching what Serco and Border Force get up … Continue reading Refugee DETENTION DRIVING PEOPLE CRAZY – reasons why

Summer Interviews


4PR - Voice of the People

Paradigm Shift, 4zzz fm 102.1, Fridays at Noon, 15 January 2016

Last week we heard a lot of songs so this week we are going to hear words.

Last week, it was good to tune in from afar to hear Andy with some old hands from Paradigm Shift’s early days, Eliza and Cybele. Cybele would have to be 4ZZZ youngest announcer starting out before she was one year old (admittedly with some fairly limited insights into what is happening in the world, don’t we all) and now nearly 5. We hope that Eliza and Cybele will return one day.

Over the summer on Paradigm Shift, Andy and I have been doing some interviews which we thought we would play today. They do not fit any theme as we normally do but give perspective on current events that we think are important. They include:

Rebranding West End
A recent announcement of…

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FREE Public Transport for Seniors and Pensioners

The Greens today committed free off-peak bus transport for seniors and pensioners in Brisbane. Based on the long-running Perth scheme, the $15 million per year plan encourages seniors and pensioners to use Brisbane’s bus system at off-peak times, lessening crowding in peak times. Brisbane Lord Mayoral candidate, Ben Pennings, said: “Living on a tight budget … Continue reading FREE Public Transport for Seniors and Pensioners

Zionists given a free pass

Hans Lovejoy, editor of the Byron Shire Echo, posted on Facebook today that a local Israeli business owner is calling him an antisemite for publishing letters critical of Israel and is contemplating boycotting The Echo. No doubt the letters referred to include ones by Gareth Smith and Bassam and Anne Shomali. Welcome to the club, … Continue reading Zionists given a free pass

West Papuans Testify

WBT posts this excerpt from 'Merdeka and the Morning Star: civil resistance in West Papua’, by Jason MacLeod which has just been published by UQ Press. The testimony contains the voices and evokes the feelings of the people of West Papua, Jason interviewed and worked with over the last 14 years. The struggle for peace … Continue reading West Papuans Testify

Who benefits from attacks on the construction workers’ union?

The construction workers' union has been under attack since before the de-registration of the BLF in the 1980s. The latest Royal Commission in to Trade Unions is the formal part of the latest attack. With each decade passing new arrivals on the construction industry scene will benefit from any weakening of construction workers' pay and … Continue reading Who benefits from attacks on the construction workers’ union?

We have no country, we gotta get it back!

i can tell you a story. i do not know if any media organisation would be interested ... but i tell it to you just the same. The story is about what happened to an 11 year old aboriginal boy, Denzel Mickelo and why. It begins with his great grandmother Jenny Mickelo who lived in … Continue reading We have no country, we gotta get it back!

MUA: News from the Waterfront

No. 26 – Friday January 8, 2016 Queensland Branch Committee Meeting A SUCCESSFUL Branch Committee meeting was held in the Brisbane Union Rooms on January 7 and 8, 2016. Delegates attended from many Queensland work areas and debate was keen and open, something the Branch leadership has been striving to encourage. One of the particular … Continue reading MUA: News from the Waterfront

The Man Who Knew Too Much

An illustrated interview with former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis. Isac Babel / Flickr  Last year, there was an unusual stretch when the finance minister of a small country (and a Jacobin contributor) became one of the most important figures in the world. Yet the emphasis on Yanis Varoufakis’s compelling personality, his relationship with European officials, … Continue reading The Man Who Knew Too Much

The House of Zion

However at the grass roots, Palestinians are a revolutionary society in the midst of a deadly struggle against apartheid Israel. For example, in the occupied territories, when the Israeli army come to detain someone, Palestinians allow the person to flee through their home even though it is likely Israeli soldiers will bust in and interrogate all, even children. None will surrender information easily to the occupier. Palestinian children run out onto the street and throw stones to distract the soldiers from their quarry. In short, a society where struggle is reborn each year, each generation

Turkey’s first communist mayor a success

[Publisher's Note: As Turkey stands on the brink of civil war, a small town demonstrates how important it is to get back to grass roots politics.] Turkey’s first and only communist mayor, Fatih Mehmet Macoglu, has been making headlines with his unexpected successes. Macoglu is the mayor of the small town of Ovacik in Tunceli province with a population of about 3,300. Macoglu assumed … Continue reading Turkey’s first communist mayor a success

Justice for Denzel! Remember Dundalee!

A big part of aboriginal struggle for justice is tied up with colonisation, with the settler state, that is the contradiction faced by indigenous people everywhere. Here is a plea from an aboriginal father for justice for his son. A very strong vocal gathering of family and concerned community members today on the steps of … Continue reading Justice for Denzel! Remember Dundalee!