Behind the report, take a look at daily life in one of the better detention camps and see if it would keep you feeling happy, hopeful and fulfilled.

Imagine this is much worse in the isolated camps where there are no visitors and no one is watching what Serco and Border Force get up to.

People in detention are given 25 points each week. They are then expected to earn the other 25points. These can be “spent” at the canteen on the following Cigarettes, phone cards, Coke, TimTams, Kit-Kats and chips as well as shampoo and toiletries. No fruit or healthy options are available.

In order to earn the extra points people are pressed to do the following activities in order to get them out of their rooms where they can be watched. Guards come around and check that they are registered for the “activity”

DAILY Activities on offer to make the day meaningful.
9-10am Drink Coffee 2points
10-11am Gardening 2points There is no gardening to be done- a few raised beds for 100 people- nothing to do so just sit and watch the garden to earn points.
11-12pm English class 2points only real activity
2-3pm 2nd English class 2points
3-4pm Watch a film 2points
4-5pm Billiards -play or watch 2points

Other activities once a week Painting class, Yoga, Sewing, Ladies Makeup session painting nails. Visiting hours are 2-4 or 4-6 or 6-8pm.
Only people who are requested by visitors may go to the visits area.

Compounds now locked down at 8pm. Guards do body counts at 11am and 5am- bang on doors-enter rooms- shine torch in face etc.
People are given their sleeping medication at 6pm before IHMS staff leave. Consequently many are awake again by midnight.
People who miss meals must explain. They are put on watch if they miss a few meals. No ID Card -No lunch or Dinner- register in line up for meals.

No one allowed to volleyball court in the afternoon as before. No sitting out under the tree. Sewing machines confiscated- no longer allowed.

Room searches constant- can take up t two hours for 4 guards to search a 3 metre by 2.5 metre room. Room in chaos post search.
Body searches no longer pat down. Woman have fingers pressed into bra and breasts and groins. Arms and legs are squeezed up and down. Intrusive and abusive searches are distressing the women especially. Female guards.

One women reported the following command before she could leave to go to Church-under Guard. “Spread your legs” then hands go up and down. At the Church they must sit together in a line with a guard at either end and at the back. Other guards are posted on the doors.
All camps are now surrounded by 4.5metre mesh fences with a sensor wire running through the middle.

Is it any wonder that they are losing hope and wanting to die?

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