FREE Public Transport for Seniors and Pensioners

old trams

Public Transport: the trams in Brisbane

The Greens today committed free off-peak bus transport for seniors and pensioners in Brisbane. Based on the long-running Perth scheme, the $15 million per year plan encourages seniors and pensioners to use Brisbane’s bus system at off-peak times, lessening crowding in peak times. Brisbane Lord Mayoral candidate, Ben Pennings, said:

“Living on a tight budget makes it difficult for many Brisbane seniors and pensioners to see their friends and family, look after their health and live the way they want to. Through this measure we can support seniors and pensioners to keep their independence, bring some much needed budget relief, and provide better access to vital services.

The Greens also committed to fast-tracking the Bus Stop Accessibility Program, completing bus stop improvements in 2016 rather than 2019. Mr Pennings said:

“We understand that the journey starts before you get on the bus. Bus stops need shade, shelters and appropriate seating to make bus travel suitable for all passengers, especially seniors and people with mobility impairments.”
Contact: Ben Pennings on 0418 164 014

Attached: Photo of Ben Pennings, Brisbane Lord Mayoral Candidate

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