G20 Peoples Summit: Idea Jam & BBQ

Dear friends,

You are invited to join us in developing and advancing community generated answers to world economic, social and environmental problems. “Visioning another World” : The G20 Peoples Summit will be a three-day festival of symposiums, idea-sharing, art, creative activities, education and action. It will take place in Brisbane over 12-14 November 2014, before the G20 Leaders Summit.

The Peoples Summit will bring together local and international thinkers to collaborate on broad themes of decolonisation, environment, social justice, economics, climate change, rights, politics and peace. These themes are just a starting point… We are all impacted by the G20 and we are all “thinkers!”

The G20 Peoples Summit is a plural event. The Summit will provide a safe, inclusive, family-friendly space to discuss the issues that really matter to us.

You are invited to get involved by proposing, developing and collaborating on a section of the program. To get the conversation going, we are hosting a BBQ this Sunday.

OMG20: G20 People’s Summit: BBQ & Idea Jam
Sunday, June 1 at 3:00pm
Orleigh Park, Hill End
We’ll be in the West End City Cat terminal end of Orleigh park. There’ll be a sign. Bring food/ beers if you want to. We’ll keep a bit of the BBQ meat free for the vegos.

Even if you can’t make the BBQ, we hope you and/or your organisation will stay in touch and get involved in this exciting event!

Your involvement can take any shape: This may be a panel with a string of speakers, a key speaker with discussants, or a collaborative conversation space. It might be music or theatre or an art exhibition. It may be a film showing, a debate or a DIY workshop… it may be some other form of talk fest, forum, instalment, performance or happening… Perhaps you have an idea for providing low or no cost food and drinks for participants during the event? Whatever you want to do, let us know what it is.

NOTE: Venues in the South Brisbane/ West End area still to be confirmed. Can you offer a venue?

We look forward to hearing from you and collaborating with you in the lead up to the G20 and beyond.

In peace and solidarity,

Robin Taubenfeld
Friends of the Earth Brisbane
Brisbane Community Action Network (BrisCAN) – G20 Peoples Summit working group
mbl 0411 118 737

www.briscan.net.au www.facebook.com/briscan.g20

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