‘Addressing these challenges requires ambition’: The G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting

I encourage people to read and consider the arguments made here by Dave Eden.

And to challenge all assumptions made by the G20 finance leaders summit held in Sydney Last Weekend — especially the assumption that says the world is divided into a few rich countries and many poor ones.
Ian Curr
26 Feb 2014

If you would like to hear what ‘the boss’ thinks try this summary http://business.financialpost.com/2013/10/02/george-soros-the-euro-crisis-might-be-over-but-europes-nightmare-is-getting-worse/ The full analysis is also worth a read at http://www.georgesoros.com/interviews-speeches/entry/the_future_of_europe/
26 Feb 2014

The Word From Struggle Street


…money only has one face, that of the boss.

                                                                        (Negri, 1991, p. 23)

Over the last few days a number of important meetings of the G20 have been held in Sydney. The main meetings have been the Finance and Central Bank Deputies meeting #2 (20th to 22nd February) and the Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting (22nd to 23 Feb) but there has also been a joint round table between the B20( the Business 20) and G20 on Infrastructure and the launch of an OECD report Going for Growth as well as we can assume countless photo-ops, corridor conversations and long lunches – noticeably Christine Lagarde from the IMF is in town. All this should emphasize to us how the Leaders Forum is only one element in what seems to be a now year round series of events, meetings and discussion that work to constitute the…

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