Manus photos- First Images

Here are the first images of life in the Manus Island camp. Photos attached .
There are:

87 SriLankans
42 Iranians
4 Afghans
4 Iraqis plus approx 30 children in the family camp
There are also 25 single men transferred last week.
They live in the dongas. No doors or windows. Extremely hot.


Some facts
In the five months after the 13th August policy , 8572 people have arrived by boat an average of 1,714 per month.

In the seven months before the August 13 policy, 7689 people arrived, an average of 1089 per month.

The expressed aim by the Expert Panel was ‘to prevent asylum seekers risking their lives on dangerous boat journeys to Australia’ .
Angus Houston admitted to the Human Rights Joint Parliamentary Committee in December 2012 that after their policy was announced and implemented that another 213 people had died at sea. This number was not reported in the media and does not include further reports from survivors now in Australia of other deaths at sea.

Pamela Curr Campaign Coordinator Asylum Seeker Resource Centre 12 Batman st West Melbourne 3003 ph 03 9326 6066 / 0417517075 "AUSTRALIA. Built by boatpeople."

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