Israel declares war!

How humane and civilized!
Stole my land
Burned my trees
Jailed my sun
Killed my children
Drank their blood
Then ground their bones at McDonnell-Douglas
And offered them back to me
As a present
In a flour-sack
To torture me all my life
This is America
Nasri Hajjaj

For 50 years we have witnessed Israel trying to drive the Palestinian people from their homeland.

Israeli military used superior US technology to harass and kill the Palestinian people.

Today, in Gaza, the Palestinians have lost water, power, and shelter.

Someone said yesterday that Israel want Palestinians to live in tents. But it is more than that.

Israel is trying to drive the people out of Palestine.
It is collective punishment, genocide.

Today is Black Thursday.

You will hear more about this on the mass media but today Israel has bombed the Beirut International Airport.

It has continued bombing numerous bridges, a power station and other infrastructure in Lebanon that it started yesterday.

In truth, Israel has declared another war on the Lebanese people.

Israeli military said this about about the International Airport in Beirut the “the goal of the attack was to shut down air traffic in and out of the Lebanese capital.”

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 Ian Curr
13 July 2006

One thought on “Israel declares war!

  1. How far will Israel go with this power play.

    From the moment Israel started the attack on Gaza and the warplanes buzzed the the Syrian captial, Damascus, it was clear that the fight was going to widen.

    Remember the prediction that the invasion of Syria was going to occur this year.

    Is this the beginnning?

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