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Report from Ciaron O’Reilly in “Royal Visit Security Clampdown Dublin”

Report from Ciaron O’Reilly in “Royal Visit Security Clampdown Dublin” Dublin is in the middle of a 20+ million euro security clampdown for the Royal Visit (first in a hundred years), daily bomb hoaxes (so far!), pre-emptive arrests of suspected … Continue reading

Replying to Herald Sun hate campaign on refugees

HERALD SUN Jouralist ?? Sam Maiden did not ring to check this story below before stirring the racist masses.

Refugee phone bills paid by us

Read Comments – they are off and running full of hate and grievance.

Stirring the masses is so easy for the HUN- they are running a Hate a refugee story daily at the moment.

Tomorrows – wait for it is about asylum seeker teenagers lying about their ages- ho hum- so they can get all those extra conditions. At least the Journalist rang for comment.

According to Maiden….. there are 52 landlines on Christmas Island – FACT this provides one phone per 35 asylum seekers on average- try sharing a phone with 35 people.
71 at the Asti Motel in Darwin because each motel room has a phone. It is not available for overseas outgoing calls. We could rip the phones out if that made people feel better but the motel might object.

23 at Villawood which gives one phone per 17 people.

14 at Maribyrnong which gives one phone per 7 people however not all phones are available to everyone becasue they are located in different zones.

64 at Inverbrackie, South Australia because each army house has a phone and it is convenient for SERCO guards to communicate per phone to the houses.

We do not know how many of these phones are for use by SERCO and DIAC.

Naturally the Government would not provide the information that might assist people to understand. Each adult asylum seeker is given points each week to buy cigarettes, sweets, toiletries and phone cards in return for fulfilling tasks. One week will provide for example 2 packs of cigarettes, a choc bar and a phone card which allows 30 minute call to overseas depending on country.

We have asked to be allowed to give mobiles to asylum seekers but are denied on the basis that they came by boat and may want to contact a people smuggler~!!! this is what I was told by a Canberra Bureaucrat. I see that they deny monitoring the calls- what a laugh. How come a young woman was asked how she knew the Afghan man she was talking to on the phone. there are countless examples of AFP and DIAC quizzing people after phone calls so this is rubbish. Also if your call drops out and you try to ring back – no can do – it goes to Sydney and can not be connected.


Humphrey McQueen on May Day

Speech by Humphrey McQueen – May Day Dinner, Adelaide, 2011 Although we are more than half way through our May Day dinner, it is never too late to say grace: ‘For the food and drinks that we are enjoying, we … Continue reading

Manus Island Refugee Camp photos

Here is the proposed Manus Island ready and waiting for victims.