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Curtin Detention Centre


The Human Rights Alliance

Curtin Detention Centre – UN Special Rapporteur must be called in. Independent observers must enter Curtin. The protests have ceased due to promises made by DIAC to the Asylum Seekers. The media must be allowed into Curtin Detention Centre. Continue reading


4PR – Voice of the People

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It was an anti-uranium demonstration on Hamilton No 4 Wharf in August 1977. We were standing on the railway tracks in our home town Brisbane surrounded by 100 police. The uranium train was breathing down our necks. The Bjelke-Petersen government and … Continue reading


Rally for Palestine – remembering al-Nakba

Time 13 May · 17:00 – 19:00 Location Brisbane Square top of Queen St mall (outside Casino) Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Created by: Justice for Palestine Brisbane, Kathy Newnam More info Rally on May 13 to commemorate the Palestinian Nakba (Catastrophe) … Continue reading


Protest against Saud family at Buckingham Palace over Royal Wedding guest list!

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GUARDIAN PHOTO/article – Bahranian exiles, Peter Tatchel, O’Reilly brothers (Ciaron & Brendan), Catholic Worker volunteers (Drew, Andre, Marcin) take on Saud family at Buckingham Palace over Royal Wedding guest list! Bahrain ‘torture service’ official to attend royal wedding


Brisbane Labour Day Celebrations 2011

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The Qld Council of Unions Labour Day Committee have organised a March and Celebration to be held on Monday 2 May, 2011. 10:00am March Commences from the Cnr of Wharf & Turbot Sts, please check with your union for details … Continue reading


“Dispatches from the Dark Side” on Bradley Manning:

YOUTUBE (12 mins 2 secs) – Gareth Peirce Speaks on Bradley Manning: ‘ “Dispatches from the Dark Side” This speech by Gareth Peirce was first screened on April 17th. 2011 as the keynote address at a public meeting entitled “Free … Continue reading

Gig – Steve Tyson @ The Music Kafe

Hi folks,

Just a quick one to let you know that I am playing a show this coming Saturday afternoon, April 30th, at The Music Kafe, in West End, Brisbane.

Dave Parnell will be accompanying me, back at the venue we have played many times over the years, with the twenty-seven’s.

Saturday afternoons at The Music Kafe are given over to acoustic type acts, so it will be a pretty cruisy affair.

I spent five full days at Bluesfest over Easter, watching some amazing music, being very inspired, and I can tell you I am so pumped up to play a gig, it’s not funny…!

Dave and I play from 12 midday to 2pm, and The Music Kafe is at 185 Boundary Street, in West End. Hope you can make it down.


‘Reorganising Cuba’

Continue reading

10 May · 18:30 20:30

17 Group discussion in May 2011

Race politics and reading practices: two as pects of the New Australia experiment. Wide eyed romantics and a heartbreak dream Your motives aren’t what they seem You’ve got your feet caked in Australian mud And you can’t deny what’s in … Continue reading


Video Reporting Possible CIA/Saudi Snipers in Syria

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Last Updated April 25, 2011 – No sooner was “Color Revolution’s Mystery Gunmen” posted covering the use of provocateurs to escalate foreign-funded color revolutons, when a reader sent in a news clip from Iran’s Al-Alam News Network reportedly indicating Saudi/CIA … Continue reading


Stop the Crucifixion of Bradley Manning, Iraq and Afghanistan!

LONDON – Good Friday Resistance: 3 Catholic Workers Arrested at 10 Downing St. – “Stop the Crucifixion of Bradley Manning, Iraq and Afghanistan!” ———– Three Catholic Workers (CWers) were arrested after they breached the security gate at the entrance of … Continue reading


The Dark Tunnels

New clip from the recent Artists against Apartheid (AAAA) concert in Brisbane that is dedicated to the people of Gaza, the Stay Human Flotilla to Gaza May 2011 and in memory of Vittorio Arrigoni. See also

Hunger Strike, Protests, Petitions and the Serco/DIAC Disgrace


Despite DIAC’s and Serco’s claims that hunger strikes may not have happened, they have and they have escalated at this tiime to thereabouts 800 on hunger strike. We have numerous emails from our Asylum Seekers who have been unlawfully detained in Curtin for months, and others for more than a year. They have written to us of their accounts where hundreds are hunger striking, hundreds are in sit down protests, a thousand of the 1,500 signed a petition demanding Serco and DIAC allow the planned visitations from us 50 thereabouts advocates. Continue reading


300 Hunger Strike at Curtin Refugee Detention Centre

The Australian government’s refugee policy has failed. It is inhumane to let people into the country only to keep them in cages. The government should either stop the refugees from coming or let them come and live in the community. … Continue reading


North Stradbroke Island conflicts

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Media Statement 23 April 2011 North Stradbroke Island conflicts On North Stradbroke Island today, Aboriginal people will gather at Dunwich at 12.30pm to launch new shirts which state “North Stradbroke Island is Aboriginal Land, Always was, Always will be.”

Veterans group calls for troops out of Afghanistan in lead up to ANZAC Day

Veterans group calls for troops out of Afghanistan
in lead up to ANZAC Day
Press release

22 April 2011

Australian based veterans group Stand Fast is calling on people to reject blind flag waving this ANZAC Day and to seriously question Australian support for the war in Afghanistan. Continue reading


International Solidarity Movement Committed to Staying in Gaza

International Solidarity Movement Committed to Staying in Gaza. Following the murder of our comrade and friend Viktor (Vittorio Arrigoni), we, activists of the International Solidarity Movement, would like to reiterate our commitment to remaining in Gaza. We will continue to … Continue reading


After Marrickville?

Can workers & their organisations succeed where political elites have failed? — A response to Marrickville Council vote against Boycott, Divestments & Sanctions BDS of Israel (BDS) on 19 April 2011 … click title to read more See also After … Continue reading


Detention Centres at Crisis Point – more deaths will come, we are visiting.

The Human Rights Alliance Media Release: Urgent Action Required to Stop Detention Centre Deaths in Custody and the rise of mental illnesses. DETENTION CENTRES AT CRISIS POINT. The Human Rights Alliance is calling for a Senate Inquiry into Asylum Seekers … Continue reading

FRIDAY! Irish Republican Solidarity evening & film “Hunger”

Help organise Al Nakba commemoration rally

Help organise a protest in Brisbane to commemorate 63 years since al-Nakba (the Catastrophe).

The protest will be held on Friday May 13, 5pm at Brisbane Square

Rally organising meeting:
Wednesday April 27, 6:30pm
TLC Building (2nd floor), 16 Peel St
South Brisbane

Remembering al-Nakba 15 May 1948:

If you can’t make it to the organising meeting, but would like to help publicise the rally or if you
would like to speak or nominate a speaker for the rally, please email:



Deaths in Custody – of Tasers and still another Qld

two police incidents, one in wa and one in qld,clearly shows the problems with the police of this country when they refuse to accept the royal commission recommendations. worse of course is what happens to people, both black and white, … Continue reading


Les Malezer, co-chair elect of National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, vows to end NT Intervention

[Aboriginal News] STATEMENT BY LES MALEZER CO-CHAIR ELECT NATIONAL CONGRESS OF AUSTRALIA’S FIRST PEOPLES 19 April 2011 I pay my respects to the Gadigal peoples and the Eora nation on whose land we stand today. I also pledge my absolute … Continue reading

Support Boycott of Israel (BDS) in Marrickville

Thank you all for your previous support for Marrickville Council’s decision to endorse the international BDS movement. Unfortunately that decision is still under threat.

The Australian national government and the NSW state government have both condemned the council for this ethical decision. The State Premier, has threatened to dissolve the council if it does not reverse the decision.


The mayor of Marrickville hopes to save the policy – see her article in the Sydney Morning Herald: “Roads, rates and Gaza”:

“To this effect I will be tabling a mayoral minute tomorrow night recommending that the council maintain in-principle support for the campaign, while rescinding the part of the original motion which called for the council to implement the policy in our local area. I will also recommend we acknowledge Israel’s right to exist and condemn all acts of violence.”

Read more:–and-justice-in-gaza-20110417-1djkc.html#ixzz1JpRvmqPJ

What you can do:

Please support us by doing what you can – writing letters, talking to councillors or coming to the meeting to show support. If you are in Sydney, come to the council meeting tomorrow night, Tuesday 19 April 2011, when Marrickville Council will vote again on its BDS policy.

Attend Marrickville Council meeting
6:30pm, Tuesday 19 April 2011
Marrickville Council, 2 Fisher Street, Petersham
(Level 3 of the Administrative Centre)

We have updated our webpage at

Please consider sending other councillors a personal message of support – their email addresses are here:

Workers Memorial Day in Melbourne

Thursday 28 April 2011
At the Remembrance Rock
Corner Victoria and Lygon Streets
Carlton South

The ceremony will commence at 10.30am
Speakers include:
Brian Boyd, VTHC Secretary
Deanne May, Executive Director IDSA
Judge Jennifer Coate, State Coroner of Victoria

The ICFTU has announced the international theme for 2011 is the crucial role played by trade unions, strong regulation and effective enforcement in securing safer workplaces. This theme is particularly relevant given Australia is currently in the process of harmonising our OHS legislation. Victorian union movement will continue to fight for the best model law for all workers.

The ICFTU has announced the international theme for 2011 is the crucial role played by trade unions, strong regulation and effective enforcement in securing safer workplaces. This theme is particularly relevant given Australia is currently in the process of harmonising our OHS legislation. Victoria’s union movement will continue to fight for the best model law for all workers.

IDSA will be hosting morning tea following the event in Meeting Rm 1 (entry from Victoria St)

Workers Memorial Day is organised by the Victorian Trades Hall Council in conjunction with Industrial Deaths and Advocacy Inc (IDSA) Work to live; not to die.

Celebrate May Day in Canberra

Sunday May 1st
3 p m
Garema Place

with Civil Libertarians Greens Teachers Scientists Socialists Unionists
Peace activists in a FESTIVAL OF RESISTANCE FESTIVAL OF THE OPPRESSED (An initiative of Workers Solidarity Network 0417283719 )


May Day 2011

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See below for the story about the Haymarket Martyrs and a certain Chinese Chicken dish by Lachlan Hurse. Featured photo in the masthead depicts the Workers Self Management Group at 1971 May Day march (Fortitude Valley Brisbane) Photo: Graham Garner … Continue reading


Why are deaths in custody rising?

a very good article ( Why are deaths in custody rising?) from ms. inga ting on the abject and sorry state of the national gaol systems and the horrific number of deaths in custody but especially nsw.


Two hundred and twenty years but still not free

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“Write of life / the pious said forget the past / the past is dead. But all I see / in front of me is a concrete floor / a cell door / and John Pat” – by Jack Davis … Continue reading


Media release    April 15 2011 for immediate release Barbara Shaw, spokesperson for the Intervention Rollback Action Group in Alice Springs and resident of Mt Nancy Town camp says that comments by Bess Price on Q and A about the “success” of … Continue reading