Video Reporting Possible CIA/Saudi Snipers in Syria

Last Updated April 25, 2011 – No sooner was “Color Revolution’s Mystery Gunmen” posted covering the use of provocateurs to escalate foreign-funded color revolutons, when a reader sent in a news clip from Iran’s Al-Alam News Network reportedly indicating Saudi/CIA snipers are in Syria taking out protesters. Al-Alam broadcasts throughout the region, in Arabic. has two videos of snipers shooting at both demonstrators and soldiers in Syria.

The second video is in Arabic and it shows the capture of two snipers
one of whom seems to be replying in English to an Arabic speaking

Syria's Al-Watan
Syria's Al-Watan

Army units in the province continue to pursue armed groups … restoration of security in the shield ..
والحياة تعود إلى طبيعتها في معظم المدن السورية…مجموعات إرهابية متطرفة تعترف بتلقي أموال للقيام بعمليات قتل
And life is returning to normal in most of the Syrian cities … recognize the extremist terrorist groups receive funds to carry out killings

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