Hunger Strike, Protests, Petitions and the Serco/DIAC Disgrace


Despite DIAC’s and Serco’s claims that hunger strikes may not have happened, they have and they have escalated at this tiime to thereabouts 800 on hunger strike. We have numerous emails from our Asylum Seekers who have been unlawfully detained in Curtin for months, and others for more than a year. They have written to us of their accounts where hundreds are hunger striking, hundreds are in sit down protests, a thousand of the 1,500 signed a petition demanding Serco and DIAC allow the planned visitations from us 50 thereabouts advocates.

We will provide the media the content of the emails from the detainees which all describe hundreds hunger striking and protesting, however the fact is that the numbers have increased. They have described that they will not desist nor will their spirits be broken.

They are urging us to continue our support and advocacy. They are urging that we visit.

They are fully aware that Serco and DIAC have lied to them. Serco had the horrific audacity to tell them that we were not coming. However they knew that we would.

We have audio footage of detainees stating that they want us to come and that management told we were not coming. This conflicts with the footage of the Centre Manager Michael Puglisi when questioned about me of whether they had told the detainees we were not coming. He claimed that he had not. We have significant film footage of the unfolding events.

However we would like to provide interim evidence through the detainees emails of an escalating crisis at Curtin, numbers hunger striking, doing sit-ins and protesting are increasing, and the latest numbers are reaching 1,000, with maybe 800 hunger striking, however all emails, scores of them, are in the hundreds from 250 to 500 and then the 800 one…

The Commonwealth has mismanaged this situation in attempt to maintain a cloak of secrecy. DIAC and Serco have acted as ‘flunkies’ and lied to us, to their detainees and to the Australian public. All of this was political. Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Minister Christopher Bowen are responsible for this impropriety. Serco Manager Michael Puglisi must be sacked. DIAC officials must be held accountable and ultimately sacked. The Prime Minister must explain why DIAC and Serco lie to everyone.

Please contact for the content of emails and for you to assist us in helping these people from maltreatment, from the effects of hunger striking, from self harm and further mental despair, from suicide attempts.

We have not been able to give on Easter Sunday the 1,500 Easter eggs, bi-lingual dictionaries, books and gifts to our 1,500 Asylum Seekers unlawfully incarcerated in Curtin Detention Centre, one of 23 illegal and immoral Detention Centres across the Australian landscape with more to come. We have had a death in custody at Curtin Detention Centre and numerous suicide attempts and self harms, and with a horrific suicide attempt only weeks ago where a detainee, after being detained for 17 months, threw himself through plate glass.

Your coverage of events in the balanced ways you have provided and at your discretion makes the difference.

It is inevitable people will die.

Gerry Georgatos – 0430 657 309

Gerry Georgatos

Managing Consultant – Education, Training, Advocacy

Human Rights Practice – 0430 657 309

BA (Phil), BA (Med), BA (AIS),
G/Dip (Human Rights Ed), MHumRgts, MA (Social Justice)

PhD (Law) Candidate (Australian Deaths in Custody)

Human Rights Practice

Human Rights Alliance (WA) (Australia)

Ecological, Social Justice, Aboriginal Group (WA)

‘Go tell the Spartans, Passerby, That here, obedient to their laws, we lie.’ Molwn labe

“A theologian said that all will be well with me and all permitted to the degree that I obey the Council, and he added, ‘If the council were to declare that you have but one eye, despite the fact that you may have two, it is your duty to agree with the Council.’ I replied to him: ‘Even if the whole world were to affirm that, I, utilising whatever reason I may possess, could not acknowledge such a thing without a rejection of my conscience.'” (Karel Kosik, Czech philosopher and victim)

"When enough rise, change happens."

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