North Stradbroke Island conflicts

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23 April 2011

North Stradbroke Island conflicts

On North Stradbroke Island today, Aboriginal people will gather at Dunwich at 12.30pm to launch new shirts which state “North Stradbroke Island is Aboriginal Land, Always was, Always will be.”

Many Aboriginal community members of North Stradbroke Island do not support sandmining. Last night on Channel Nine news, the treatment and reception that Premier Anna Bligh experienced was aired. She was refused service from local shopkeepers and abused publically by residents. This behaviour is typical of the mining society thuggery and propaganda. This type of socially unacceptable behaviour is the norm and many of the islands residents whom have spoken out against sandmining have been subjected to these types of intimidations for many years.

Premier Bligh deserves some commending for being the first State Premier, willing to try to address the destructive industry of sandmining on North Stradbroke Island.

I request that Premier Bligh:

  • · take a stronger stand as State Leader by not allowing any mining leases to be renewed and stopping the destruction of our island immediately;
  • · she should instruct the Department of Public Prosecution to subpoena all relevant evidence and prosecute the mining company (regarding the 80 million dollar sand theft) with committing a serious indictable criminal offence
  • · that all expired mining leases be returned, by the state in full legal title to the Aboriginal people of North Stradbroke Island; and
  • · stop using the mining and Green interests as a way to suppress the recognition of Aboriginal rights.

Stradbroke Island does not belong to the mining industry to be used only for sandmining purposes. Stradbroke Island does not belong to the State Government or Green groups to be designated as National Parks.

North Stradbroke Island is Aboriginal land and it always was and always will be.

Dale Ruska 0435 950 469

Pekeri Ruska 0438 199 472

Please note:

The Queensland Government recently announced that mining on North Stradbroke Island will be phased out by 2025, as a key part of the transition towards a sustainable economy.

The Department of Environment and Resource Management has developed a newsletter to provide up-to-date information about the transition. This newsletter will be produced seasonally, and will outline the Queensland Government’s progress on key issues such as:

  • phasing out of mining
  • expanding national park areas
  • recognising native title rights
  • promoting the island and its values
  • taking steps to develop new economic opportunities
  • planning for new bushwalking opportunities.

For more information about the Queensland Government’s North Stradbroke Island Strategy please visit the Department of Environment and Resource Management website.

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  1. Isn’t it great that after 14 years they started to get somewhere!

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