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Mass demonstrations in Iraq against the occupation

A statement has been issued by the Shabaan Thuwaar Al-Iraq (= ‘Young Rebels’ but it includes people of all ages and different occupations). It says that: The anger of Iraqi people mounts against the regime. Martyr’s were killed in demonstrations … Continue reading


“No way with current growth”

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The next 17 Group meeting might well be called No way with current growth. Described more fully below, it will be led by Trevor Berrill who has given a previous highly successful talk to this group on sustainable energy. It … Continue reading

The Arab Revolution: uprisings in Iraq, Yemen and now Oman

By Ray Bergmann

A lot of information to get out about the revolutions in Iraq and Yemen that started three weeks ago.

The best supportive videos and photos from Iraq are at (underneath and to the right of the article), (click on the red words within square brackets to go to the photo in better size with the article),, , Continue reading

Truth in advertising

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You may recall the Grapefruit being sold at Coles Coorparoo last week.

Coles Coorparoo have changed the Price Tag on the same Grapefruit from ‘Product of Israel’ to ‘Product of USA’.

There is truth in advertising after all.

Ian Curr
28 Feb 2011

PFLP condemns Gaddafi regime’s massacres against the Libyan people | Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine


The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine demanded an immediate end to the bombardment and massacres against the heroic Libyan people, condemning the killing of demonstrators committed by the Gaddafi regime.

The PFLP demanded the protection of the Libyan people and thei rights, and emphasized its support for the demands of the people of Libya and the Arab masses for freedom, human and national dignity, democracy, social justice, and the fight against corruption and dictatorship.

PFLP condemns Gaddafi regime’s massacres against the Libyan people | Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

I make but one promise – self-determination for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

[Aboriginal News]

Here is my official statement as candidate for the National Co-Chair
of the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples.

Les Malezer



I make but one promise.

My goal is to immediately establish self-determination for the
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Under my leadership local communities will be choosing their own
representatives, making their own decisions, setting their own
priorities and running their own programs. They will be making and
implementing their own plans for the short-term and the long-term.

Families will be re-established as the central unit of community
cohesion and development, and the healing of our communities will
focus upon freeing our people from prisons and foster homes and
bringing them back into safe, caring and growing environments.

Our lands, waters and territories will be secured and be the basis
for our indigenous identity. Our development as Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander peoples will occur in our own territories on our own
terms, because we will be equal to everyone else in terms of our
political, cultural, economic and social wellbeing.

I will be guided by the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous
Peoples. I will keep Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights on
the international stage. I will hold governments to account for bad

This is not a hollow boast. I have demonstrated that I can bring
in the changes that are needed, that I have the strength, capacity and
experience to change government approaches through purpose,
persistence and intelligence and through my knowledge of government,
laws, protocols and principles.

You will begin this change if you elect me as national co-chair.
This is not about my ego. It is about choosing the right person to do
the right job. Others might make wide promises but I can deliver,
without corruption or conflict, this promise to you. I am your
investment for your future and the success of your future generations.

The National Congress is not the best model. The first elected
leaders must decide if the congress is a body for the government or
for our people. I will lead the changes, as called for by the people.
I will make it into a truly representative organisation where we
choose our own representatives, where local communities are empowered
and where people can feel they are being involved and can be in
control. There will be no corruption in the congress under my

I will bring self-determination to the table and make self-
determination the basis for our identity and survival from now on to

This is my one promise, and this promise is made to you.


Return to Gaza

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Brisbane Premiere screening of Return to Gaza Thursday March 31, 2011 7pm at The Schonell Cinema, University of Queensland Featuring discussion with director Michael Weatherhead and Samah Sabawi – Australian-Palestinian writer, co-author of Journey to Peace in Palestine and a … Continue reading

Call for sea rise defences in Torres Strait Islands

[Aboriginal News]

SBS Radio – Call for sea rise defences in Torres Strait Islands

The mayor of the Torres Strait Island Regional Council has called for
the state and federal governments to finally fund sea defences for his

The islands in far-north Queensland escaped serious inundation from
annual king tides this week, but had already been flooded during
cyclone Yasi.

Six of the inhabited islands are just over one metre above sea level
and flooding regularly damages infrastructure, homes and contaminates
fresh water supplies.

The mayor says a plea for funding to built protective sea walls has
been met with the federal government saying there needs to be more

Fred Gela spoke with Queensland correspondent Stefan Armbruster.


Protest for Libya: Friday 5pm, King George Square

Solidarity protest with Libya
Friday February 25
5pm, King George Square

In a brutal attempt to hold on to power, Gaddafi has slaughtered over 400 people. He has ordered fighter jets to attack peaceful protests. Protests have continued in the face of this brutality. We must show our solidarity with the people of Libya. Join the protest on Friday. Please spread the word.

Phone: 0400 720 757

Bring banners, signs, flags, noise makers.

Click here to join the Facebook event

Click here to download posters/flyers




The next two 17 group meetings

The next 17 Group meeting might well be called “No way with current growth“.

Described more fully below, it will be led by Trevor Berrill who has given a previous highly successful talk to this group on sustainable energy.

It will be in the usual place, unit 6 at 20 Drury St. West End on Wednesday the 2nd of March at 7pm. Continue reading


The Bligh Era: new cabinet, same policies

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February 2011 brings a new lease of life for the Bligh government due a mix of floods, cyclones and more than a little jingoism  by Bligh herself — “I know in my bones that Queenslanders are up to this, and … Continue reading


Of Giants, Poets and Nightingales

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Assange’s likely fate

By Ciaron O’Reilly On Thursday 24 Feb 2011 it is likely Assange will be taken from Woolwich court. This was purpose built for the Provisional IRA. Assange will be taken via a tunnel  into Category A Belmarsh Prison. The IRA … Continue reading


Alan Doesn’t Get Arrested Again

By Ted Reithmuller “It was the time Jimmy Beatson was going to burn his draftcard”, Alan said. “It was in 1965 or 66. It wasn’t the first anti-war demonstration in that period. They were getting rough, more confrontational than the … Continue reading

Eureka: Garner awards, Jiggens doco

Dear Friends

Eureka Australia Day Medals are awarded each year on December 4 (the anniversary of the Eureka stockade) by the Anarchist Media Institute to people who, through their activities, have embodied the ideas expressed in the Eureka Oath first sworn on the 29th November 1854. “We swear by the Southern Cross and stand truly by each other to fight and defend our rights and liberties”. Continue reading


Climate change and wild weather – forum

Why the coal companies should clean up Queensland Community forum March 20 Yeronga Bowls Club 2pm Libby Connors from the Qld Greens and a speaker from the Solidarity magazine will lead a discussion about the connection between carbon emissions, climate … Continue reading


Will unions support refugees?

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In Paid protester irritates teachers federation | The Australian went after the guy near Morrison (holding the ‘Let the Refugee Boats in’ placard). Morrison is the Liberals’ Immigration spokesperson who is attacking Muslim citizens in Australia. But when you look … Continue reading


Special organising meeting: Israeli Apartheid Week

Time 23 February · 18:30 – 20:00 Location Avid Reader Cafe 193 Boundary St Created by: Justice for Palestine Brisbane, Kathy Newnam More info   To all supporters of Palestine! Help build Israeli Apartheid Week activities in Brisbane: The voice of … Continue reading


1967/1977 street marches in Queensland — reasons for revolt?

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“Here is a historically important film, recently rediscovered, that few people will ever have seen, and  that commemorates an event that a lot of you will remember. The bulk of it is about what happened in Roma Street on a … Continue reading


UN Indigenous mechanisms come under question

For your information and consideration. Please be aware that the UN Human Rights Council is undergoing a review of its structure and effectiveness. The Russian Federation wrote to the President of the Human Rights Council suggesting matters which should be … Continue reading


Gaza medical supplies centre bombed

[Editors Note: Published below is an informative letter to the Byron Bay Echo about the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Readers may wish to know that there will be another flotilla attempting to break the blockade of Gaza in May 2011 … Continue reading


Edge of Darkness: damned walls, floods and landslides

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Editor’s Note: This is one of a series of articles under the heading ‘Edge of Darkness’ authored by Trevor Berrill (Sustainable Energy Systems Consultant & Educator) and Ian Curr (BSc UQ Grad Dip ATAX). These articles are about systemic failure … Continue reading


SIEV 221 — poor fellow, my country

At 9 am the survivors will be loaded in a bus and taken to the airport unless there is a change of heart. A 9 year old orphan boy will define this Immigration Minister in the same way that Shayan … Continue reading


Independence for New Caledonia?

[Aboriginal News] Statement by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, James Anaya, upon concluding his visit to New Caledonia 4 to 13 February 2011 Noumea, 13 February 2011


Regime change in Egypt – a US conspiracy?

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The Bush administration brought about the fall of Saddam Hussein by invading Iraq with millions of lives lost. Eight years later millions of Egyptians brought about regime change by protesting on the streets. Three hundred people were brutally killed by … Continue reading


Respect and the Census

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Ali G: R.E.S.T.E.C.P! Do ya even know wha it spellz? Cabinet M.P.: Restecp? Ali G: Yes, Restecp. ‘Owz anyone out there meant to restecp each otha? If you lot in ‘ere, don’t even start restecpa-ing one another. — British comedian, … Continue reading


Celebrate Green Left Weekly’s 20th birthday

[Editor’s Note: Over the next 20 years will GLW be able to take up the Al-Jazeera approach [Egypt’s Facebook revolution] and begin organising via the internet’s social media. What about setting up chat rooms for union activists – the Egyptian … Continue reading


Demands for Inquiry as Bodies of Christmas Island Boat Tragedy Decompose- the TRUTH

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On this night like any other night Maybe raining maybe clear In a world exploding is any heart open? Can you hear us? Can you hear? — from ‘Article 14’ by tony mockeridge. While just 12 of the victims of … Continue reading

By what right do we gather here today?

by Humphrey McQueen

Wikileaks rally, Garema Place, Canberra, 16 December 2010

By what right are we here today? Why are we confident that we can protest and not be shot at by the political police on the fringes of this crowd? We take it granted that we won’t be arrested as we leave. We do not expect to lose our jobs by speaking out for Wikileaks.

The Constitution of the Commonwealth gives us no right to peaceful assembly. The only two rights in that document are fair compensation for confiscated property and freedom from religious discrimination in the public service. Continue reading


Israel — a fruitless lie

Jaffa oranges are the world-wide variety of citrus grown in many countries. Its origin however wsa in the Jaffa precinct of historic Palestine. I understand the point of complaining that Jaffa Grapefruit are being sold by Coles Australia under the … Continue reading