SIEV 221 — poor fellow, my country

At 9 am the survivors will be loaded in a bus and taken to the airport unless there is a change of heart.

A 9 year old orphan boy will define this Immigration Minister in the same way that Shayan Bedraie defined the view of Phillip Ruddock.

What is done to this boy will also define the view of Ms Jackie Wilson the Dep Sec of Detention. This is her test of humanity.

If the Minister and his team decide that they have to provide a show of strength by sending a little boy back to an island camp where life is primitive and even primary school is denied to him, then we will know once and for all what manner of man is the minister and how superficial is his commitment to getting children out of detention.

If on the other hand they decide to use the policy designed for the vulnerable and release the boy into community detention and the care of
his family here, we will have hope that some small measure of compassion still exists in the Immigration portfolio.

Both the politicians and the department are at odds over this matter.

The decision is in the hands of the Gods – all of them.

This morning a Complaint was lodged in the Human Rights Commission urgently requesting investigation on behalf of Sinan the 8 year old orphan survivor of the shipwreck tragedy, who is about to be sent back to a camp on Christmas Island.

The complaint concerns numerous provisions under CROC, including failure of DIAC to act in the best interests of the child, breach of Article 37, and the failure to enable family reunification.

The Commission is asking the immigration department to suspend this transfer while the matters of the complaint are investigated.

The whereabouts of the boy and the survivors is now not known but they are still in Australia. DIAC have taken them somewhere.

Last night at 10pm Visitors to the survivors were told by Immigration to come back at 9am.

They were told that the survivors would be bussed to the airport at 9am.

They have gone. Where are they?

Did Immigration drag them out of their beds in the early hours on this morning and put them on a plane?

Where are they?


Ministers Office wont say.

Grave concerns that they may have been spirited out of Villawood in the dark hours and be in the air now.

IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THIS LITTLE BOY will be flown 5304 kilometres to Christmas Island only to then be flown 5304 back to Australia?

The Minister says that the child will be released to Community Detention “soon”.


It is believed that they are now in the air.

Other families say that they were sent to their rooms at 3.30am and heard nothing more.

One wonders what people were told that they left so quietly!!

Yes this was in the Herald Sun – the Herald Sun finds its heart.

Pamela Curr
17 Feb 2011

2 thoughts on “SIEV 221 — poor fellow, my country

  1. I don’t see why Gillard is not more sympathetic to Iranian refugees coming to Australia.

    Hillary Clinton (Julia’s mentor?) announced yesterday that the US is giving $US25M to help bloggers stir up discontent in Iran.

    Clinton wants a revolution in Iran desperately (unlike in Egypt). Clinton wants to protect Israel because Iran gives money to Hezbollah.

    So if the US is going to ferment a revolution in Teheran surely there are going to be refugees.

    It will be harder to topple Iran’s President Ahmadinejad than it was to get rid of Mubarak.

    There is big gap between rich and poor in Iran. The rich middle class in Iran have a lot to lose so would they support a revolution as the young Egyptian middle class did? many of the educated youth in Cairo were unemployed or underemployed. The people in Tahrir Square had ‘nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to gain (to quote that old chesnut by Karl Marx).


  2. Pamela Curr says:

    After a harrowing funeral and heartbreaking separation from family, the survivors of the Christmas island shipwreck were flown in secret out of Sydney to Port Hedland where their private charter plane was refueled.

    Unable to proceed to Christmas island because of low cloud conditions, they were them flown to Curtin Air base 30 ks from Derby in the Pilbara.

    They are being held in an unknown location somewhere in or around Derby.

    Christmas island has no tower so planes often have to turn around and come back if cloud cover interferes with visibility.

    So after being removed from Villawood between 3.30am and 7am flying out of Sydney at 9.30am landing in Port Hedland at 2.30pm then off to Curtin Air Base these tired, distraught men women and children are now waiting somewhere to be flown back to the Island where their loved ones drowned.

    mean fellow my country!!!

    This was in The Age today
    Christmas island – 118 camp children enrolled in school:

    138 camp children on waiting list for school;

    School waiting list is 4-6 weeks long;

    Seena in camp for 8 weeks – no school.

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