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Dear Friends

Eureka Australia Day Medals are awarded each year on December 4 (the anniversary of the Eureka stockade) by the Anarchist Media Institute to people who, through their activities, have embodied the ideas expressed in the Eureka Oath first sworn on the 29th November 1854. “We swear by the Southern Cross and stand truly by each other to fight and defend our rights and liberties”.

In 2010 Brisbane activists Grahame John Garner and Esme Merle Garner were awarded Eureka Australia Day medals in recognition of 50 years political and union involvement, defending the rights and liberties of Australian workers and citizens.

The Workers History Society have organised a presentation to award the Garners with their Eureka Australia Day medal at the Paddington Community Centre (the old Workers’ Club), on Saturday Febuary 26 2011 between the hours of 2-4pm.

Barbara Hart and John Jiggens will MC and John Jiggens will show a documentary about Grahame called “The camera of Grahame Garner”. Light refreshments will be available. There will be followed by an open forum.

This is an invitation to the friends of Grahame and Esme and others interested in Workers History to join them for this happy event.

As you may be aware we have had to reschedule this event because of the Brisbane floods.


John Jiggens

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