River height alert from local councillor

Latest data from BOM on 13 May 2022 (early)

Jono Sri has provided people living on the flood plain in Brisbane with a warning about river levels. I have added the latest data from BOM – Ian Curr, Ed., 13 May 2022.

Evening everyone … I’ve been looking at the creek and river levels in the upper catchments of the Brisbane and Bremer Rivers and it certainly seems like there’s a lot of water around that’s yet to make its way downhill to the city…

Depending on how much water falls over the next few hours, it seems possible that Ipswich could cop a bit of flooding overnight. That water will eventually make its way to Brissie too (though at this stage nowhere near as much rain has fallen as we saw in late February).

At times like this I recommend playing it safe. If you have a car parked on a low-lying street, you might as well move it up the hill just in case.

Jonathan Sri
12 May 2022

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