USA Hands off Cuba – Convoy for Cuba

18th JULY 2021
‘USA Hands Off Cuba!’ Convoy


Join with us to say clearly ‘USA, HANDS OFF CUBA!’’

Sunday 18 July 9.30 AM

Meet at the Rotunda, Highgate Hill Park

Dornoch Terrace, Highgate Hill

Let us know you’re coming to ‘Convoy for Cuba’

Why are we doing this? Without doubt, the refusal by the US government to provide relief to Cubans by lifting their 60 year old blockade is the underpinning cause of the economic hardship faced by Cubans today, which prompted the recent protests in Cuba. For more than 6 decades the US has sought to overthrow the Cuban revolution by many means, a failed invasion at the Bay of Pigs, sanctions, subversion, assassination attempts and terrorism including the bombing of tourist hotels.

Now, taking advantage of the discontent that the US itself has fomented, President Biden is cynically declaring his support for the Cuban people, and the US administration is seeking to intervene. Now is the time to stand firmly with the Cuban Revolution, and defend its many accomplishments that have been achieved in spite of the blockade.

What is the plan for the day?
We are meeting at the Rotunda in Highgate Hill Park, to deck out some of our cars with placards saying ‘USA Hands Off Cuba!’ and Cuban flags and placards before driving around West End and South Brisbane to Orleigh Park There we will take a group video and photo with our banners, placards and flags. When will it finish?
We anticipate that we will finish around 11 am.

Who can come?
All who support the Cuban Revolution! It’s very important that we have a show of strength at this critical time. Friends, cousins, brothers and sisters, grandchildren welcome! 

What will the weather be like?
The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting a dry cool day (max 20°C) with no chance of rain. The UV rating will be moderate so make sure you have a hat and sunscreen.

Are their special COVID considerations?
While Queensland currently has no community transmission of COVID-19, we should be ‘Covid-Safe’. Bring a face mask and hand sanitiser.

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