Shut down Land Forces in Meanjin (Brisbane)

1 June 2021

The weapons corporations have arrived in Meanjin (Brisbane) in late May. Over 200 corporations dealing in tanks, military weapons systems, missiles, munitions are in heart of South Brisbane at the convention centre. Selling arms to Indonesia is high on the agenda while West Papua is being militarised and human rights abuses increase.

Meanwhile two people (pictured) who climbed on top of a truck were in court yesterday for their direct action.

Andy, after receiving a $1000 fine for public nuisance, had this to say;

“I just got out of lockup and court, officially a public nuisance. I (along with Jim dressed as the “spectre of death”) climbed on top of a truck entering the Brisbane Convention Centre and stopped vehicles belonging to some of the world’s biggest arms dealers from entering and setting up for the Land Forces weapons expo.

Plenty more disruption to come this week, keep an eye out or if you’re in Brisbane come along to Disrupt Land Forces

Jim pled not guilty and was imposed with restrictive bail conditions that would have prevented him returning to the convention centre to protest. On principal, the spectre of death, Jim, refused these bail conditions and will be held in custody until at least the end of the Land Forces expo.

Solidarity to Jim, but I hope others can stay out of jail … the arms dealers won’t have much to fear from people in jail.

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7 thoughts on “Shut down Land Forces in Meanjin (Brisbane)

  1. Say their names ... says:

    Justice for Palestine calls for an immediate arms embargo on the Apartheid State of Israel and comprehensive Sanctions until it abides by its obligations under International Humanitarian Law.

    In light of the recent massacre in the Occupied Gaza Strip, the systematic ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem and the ongoing lethal police and settler violence against the Palestinian people, we join with Disrupt Land Forces to oppose the global arms industry that profits from the crimes of colonialism in Palestine and in many parts of the world, including so called Australia.

    We will be reading the names of the recent victims of Apartheid Israel’s violence and honouring their memories in the struggle for Freedom Justice and Equality.

    Join us to say their names.

    We acknowledge that we’ll be gathering on the stolen lands of the Yuggera and Turrbal peoples, whose sovereignty over these lands was never ceded.

    #CAFGetOffIsraelsApartheidTrain See Less

  2. Kids killed by arms dealers in Palestine says:

    As the weapons manufacturers and software targeting systems (baby killers) left the Brisbane Convention Centre supported and subsidised by the Queensland Government a crowd saw the images of children killed in Palestine projected onto the walls of the Brisbane Convention Centre.

    The video shows the kids in Palestine killed by the arms dealers in concert with the Israeli military (i.e. Elbit Systems).

    Yet the Queensland Government still supports the arms dealers and subsidises their expansion into Queensland.

    Say their names…

  3. Thales war crimes in West Papua says:

    Thales – c640–546? b.c., Greek philosopher, born in Miletus.
    Thales – the weapons manufacturer – is owned by the Government of France, by Dassault Aviation, and employee share ownership.

    Activists occupied Thales (Australia) briefly this morning 1 June ’21) in response to occupation of West Papua by Indonesian military. Thales supplies weapons to the occupation. Here is their press release from the action in Meanjin (at Pinkenba in Brisbane).

    The activists are concerned about human rights abuses by Indonesian military in West Papua. There is a long list of people in government now or in the past who share some of the blame for Australia acting like Pontius Pilate with regard to Indonesia: Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser, Alexander Downer, and more recently Christopher Pyne, Julie Bishop, and the list goes on. And how about former defence minister, Marise Payne, who supports the military occupation of both West Papua and Palestine.

  4. Activists invade arms expo says:

    Arms dealers inside the Brisbane Convention Centre clapped and cheered Queensland police as they arrested peace activists trying to stop more arms deals between Australia and Saudi Arabia, Elbit Systems and Israel, Rheinmetall and Indonesia.

    It’s a bit like Bob Brown going to Central Queensland during the last federal election, right into the heart of the beast. A play to the media? How are they gonna help stop the arms dealers when their papers, magazines and websites are full of their adverts?

    Tactically, quite a question mark hangs over both Brown’s anti-Adani campaign decision and the Land Forces mob going into the convention centre. May have been better to concentrate on building a large crowd for a blockade from outside.

    Nonetheless a game and spirited first try at blockading these merchants of death.

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