Trev, the Weatherman

Trev’s Weather Forecast for next 7 Days from 18 May

Well the next 7 days are looking pretty similar, with windier days mid-week and a small chance of a shower or two with the south-easterly winds. This is all due to a large high pressure system centred over Australia and moving slowly to the east. This is not uncommon for this time of year.  So daytimes are mild and nights a little cool. Water temperatures will be dropping so a wet suit is advisable if heading for the beach.

I measured the Bay water temperature at about 19 degrees Celsius a couple of days ago.

Ocean temperatures are usually a little warmer in winter than the Bay and cooler in summer, due to the thermal stability of the deeper water off-shore.

Overall it’s looking pretty good for getting out and about.

See ya next week.

Trev The Weatherman