Refugee blockade spreads to Park Hotel in Melbourne

After watching asylum documentaries and IG stories Credit: @_kendall_love I decided to give love and support to the refugees based in Melbourne after learning these guys have been detained for such a long time…

Wow wee, looking up at them in the window waving at the people for being there, broke my heart..

Around 60 refugees were brought to Australia and have been held for 8 years by the Australian government. This month they were moved from Mantra Hotel in Preston to the Park Hotel Carlton, where they are being indefinitely detained.

Yes, there are still people risking their lives to flee to other countries knowing the risk but where to go when you have nowhere to go and you were born in poverty and heartache. These people flee from war, danger, oppression and kidnappings, how could you blame them?! They are no different to our own family, they too are human beings and shouldn’t be treated like prisoners.

Melbournians struggled in hard lockdown deeply in many realms be it mentally, emotionally, financially, physically, imagine 8 years of your life gone in detention.

On the 9th Jan 2021, there will be a rally from the state library to the park Hotel Prison… Get amongst it Melbournians swipe ➡️for deets! anyone interested in learning more highly recommend documentary based in Australia – seeking asylum

The system is broken shame on those in power @scottmorrisonmp