Stories from the revolution in Cuba and Palestine

1984 – First Australian Brigade to Cuba

WBT looks forward to reading Robert Austin’s account of Cuba & Palestine titled “Cuba, Palestine and Israel: Forgotten Histories.

Just how can we forget the ongoing story of the Cuban revolution and the Palestinian struggle for a right of return to their homeland.

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Of course Cuba and Palestine are very different struggles.

For one, the left is not strong in Palestine but it has been in Cuba for over 60 years. Also the leadership in Cuba is not divided as it is in Palestine. Palestine suffers from a genocidal apartheid akin to the struggles in South Africa in the 20th century.

Cuba’s armed struggle against the South African military in the frontline states helped free Africans from apartheid, no similar brigade has gone to Palestine from Arab or Western worlds. Cubans defeated South Africa army in Angola and ‘this led to peace talks leading to the New York Accords, the agreement by which … South African forces withdrew from Angola‘ – wikipedia. Cuban military intervention weakened the apartheid state of South Africa.

The Viva Palestina tour and the flotillas bringing critical medical and other supplies to Gaza did raise consciousness in the West as has the Great March of Return. But they were not on the scale of the International Brigades to Spain and lacked the fighting capacity.

The apartheid state of Israel has been able to rebuff international boycotts whereas South Africa could not.

But the struggle continues and Palestinians like Cubans have shown great reserves of humanity and courage against the military might of the imperialists that have threatened their people.

Ian Curr
Editor WBT
3 Nov 2020

Reference: “Cuba, Palestine and Israel: Forgotten Histories by Robert Austin

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  1. Solidarity with Cuba and the Palestinian people!! says:

    Embassy of Cuba, Australia
    Cuba supports in United Nations resolution in defense of Palestine
    HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 5 (ACN) Cuba supported the resolution in defense of Palestine and other occupied Arab territories when attending the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly Fourth Committee (also known as the Special Political and Decolonization Committee.

    As published on Twitter by the permanent mission of Havana to the UN, Cuba presented several reports that address the systematic and flagrant violations of international law perpetrated by Israel on the Palestinian civilian population and Arab inhabitants of the occupied territories.

    The Cuban government and people have historically supported the free right of the Palestinian people to establish a sovereign state in the territory currently occupied by Israel, with East Jerusalem as its legitimate capital.
    Close to two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip severely suffer in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the Israeli siege that began more than 13 years ago in that area persists, Riad Mansur, Palestinian Ambassador to UN, said recently in a message he sent to the UN Secretary General, António Guterres.

    Cuba was one of the 13 countries that opposed the newly created division of the Palestinian territory by the United Nations.

    Cuba´s diplomacy maintains unrestricted support for the search for a comprehensive, just and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, based on the creation of two states.

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