War on Journalism – Assange Extradition

Wikileakes and Manning revealed atrocities and murder by US governments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq is in a terrible situation as a result. Recently a Khmer Rouge leader from Cambodia has been indicted for similar atrocities in that country. Pol Pot has gone down in history as a genocidal maniac. Why not the US government officials who gave Iraq similar treatment with shock and awe? Some will claim the extent of the carnage and motivation is different. How so?

As a result Assange and Manning has been prosecuted along with whistle blower, Edward Snowden, and journalist, Glenn Greenwald.

*Mon Sept 7th 11 am
*UK Consulate 110 Eagle St Brisbane

Here is a report by John Jiggens and John Shipton (father of Julian Assange) about Assange’s extradition trial that commences on Monday.

As the British Court resumes in London seeking the extradition of Australian journalist Julian Assange to the United States, people will gather in solidarity at the UK Consulate 10 Eagle St. Brisbane. Monday Sept 7th 11 am.

Speakers include…
Former Senator Andrew Bartlett
Refugee Activist Fr. Pan Jordan &
Former anti-war prisoner of the United States, Ciaron O’Reilly.

****Covid Safe Plan****
Please bring face mask & hand sanitiser.
Stay at home if unwell.
If more than ten people we will break into small groups etc.

Please take time to view this recently released documentary bringing us up to speed on the present plight of Julian Assange persecuted for exposing the ongoing wars on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Banner photo – protest in Baghdad for lack of basic services, water & electricity.

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