'No!' to war on Iran


IPAN is calling national rallies to demonstrate opposition to Australia joining any new war on Iran or Iraq

This is call to all Brisbane groups to send reps along to an organising meeting:

This coming Thursday 16th January
6:00pm at QCU 2nd Floor
Help organise a rally for the following Saturday 25th January on the theme “No War on Iran” This will be a global day of protests against war on Iran.

In the midst of the current bushfire and climate crisis, we are also living through a period of international tension that has been compared to the Cuban missile crisis.  The illegal assassination of the 2nd highest Iranian official – General Solemanei – and other Iranian and Iraqi officials, has drawn condemnation from right around the world.   This has led to the Iranian missile strikes on US bases in Iraq, the shooting down of a civilian airliner, and now mass protests in Iran.

US President Trump has said a number of times that he wants no more Middle eastern war – but his actions in ordering the drone assassination in Iraq of leading Iranian General Quassem Soleimani completely contradict this. Australia has some 300+ troops in Iraq, and has sent RAN Frigate HMAS Toowoomba to join the US gunboat diplomacy in the Persian Gulf. This makes these Australians not only a further provocation but a target of Iran’s significant military forces.

US allies are distancing themselves from the assassination – even Israel. Meanwhile the US patrols of the Strait of Hormuz are still on track, though the 60 nations the US asked to take part have been reduced to six – the Saudis, UAE and Bahrain (as “hosts”), plus the UK, Albania and…….Australia! Once again as with climate change Australia has followed the US out onto a shaky limb and is increasingly isolated – far more so in fact than during the illegal Iraq invasion of 2003. Now Iraq’s parliament wants all foreign troops out.

We hope you will join the meeting to plan the Brisbane rally in solidarity with other cities in Australia Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth and the international peace and anti-war movement.

Proposed Agenda:

1. Confirm time and venue for the rally. (Suggestion Queens Park 10:00am to maximise public visibility)

2. Theme(s) for the rally All groups are encouraged to bring their demands and banners to the rally

3. Speakers

4. Banners, slogans

5. Endorsement by IPAN affiliate organisations and other organisations

6. Publicity – social media, leaflets, notification to all affiliates, including unions, peace organisations 

7. March through the city? 

8. PA system

9.  Other

For more information contact:

Ross Gwyther 0408782983

Annette Brownlie, 0431597256

for IPAN (Independent and Peaceful Australia Network)
Independent and Peaceful Australia Network
m. +61 431 597 256 | a. PO Box 573, Coorparoo QLD 4151

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