People needed on the Frontline to Stop Adani

As bushfires rage in the south east and Queensland suffers through a crippling drought, Adani are preparing to drain precious groundwater on the site of their climate wrecking Carmichael coal mine

Together with our friends at Galilee Rising, we’re gearing up for a big week of action later this month from January 25th to February 1st. 

Join us and come to the Queenslanders’ on the Frontlines week of action to peacefully resist Adani’s mine and act to protect the climate! Check here to RSVP. 

Over 65% of Queensland is officially in drought. Farmers are running out of water. Rivers are drying up and wildlife is suffering. 

But Adani are drilling bores deep into underground aquifers to drain the precious groundwater that’s so vital for life. 

Water should be for all Queenslanders’ not greedy coal miners like Adani.  

Please join with us and other Queensland residents on the frontlines this month to disrupt Adani’s water thieving plans. Click here to RSVP to the week of  front line action. 

This year will be a huge year. It’s the year we must Stop Adani. After millions of Australian’s have suffered through devastating bushfires, concern for climate action is at an all time high and the need for climate action is now more important than ever. 

We need you to join with us and other Queenslanders on the front lines and peacefully resist Adani’s climate wrecking and water guzzling mine. 

Click here to RSVP to the week of action 

Hope to see you there to stand with us and #StopAdani.

In growing resistance, 


Frontline Action on Coal

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