Will sacking Scomo work?

Firstly, there is an environmental crisis.
Then there is a bushfire crisis.
But there is also a political crisis
– former union organiser.

Governments and the way they operate has changed over the years. For one they are less ideological. They barely recognise Left and Right. They certainly don’t believe Left is right and Right is wrong.

Last Friday’s climate change demonstration against Morrison showed how frustrated people are with the government. When this level of frustration existed in the late 1970s over government decision to mine uranium and export it to unsafe nuclear facilities there would have been mass arrests, in Queensland, at least.

Nowadays governments try containment.

For example the Labor government in Victoria came out against the demonstration and only 1,000 people turned up. PremierDavid Andrew’s mantra is “We’ll take care of it.” Only no government has. Here in Queensland, on the frontline against coal, 10,000 people turned up in Brisbane CBD which was a very positive thing. In Sydney, hit hardest by the bushfires, 35,000 people marched.

Workers BushTelegraph is curious as to why the Uni Students for Climate Justice have called a second rally so soon after “Sack Scomo Rally & March I” in Brisbane?

At least two keynote speakers at the first rally said that it should not just be about getting rid of Scott Morrison implying that the crisis is far greater than who the PM is.

Organisers were expecting a crowd of 3,000 people but 10,000 turned up. Surely that’s a positive! In Australia, it is not possible to impeach a Prime Minister.

The rally in Brisbane was well organised but no collection was taken up to finance this campaign. Why?

If each person present had donated a gold coin at the rally, we would have $20,000 to fight this campaign.

We could employ a full time organiser for 6 months with that money.
We could have better resources, a better stage, better PA system, more banners, more engagement at the local level.

The campaign could have its own HQ.

So why not? If the idea is to keep the pressure up.

Surely these are legitimate questions to ask?

Asking them does not mean I am opposed to taking action.

Ian Curr, editor
15 January 2020


Sack Scomo Rally & March II

At the first rally Brisbane rally organiser Priya De told 10,000 people in attendance:

“They cannot say they didn’t know, but can only say they didn’t care to act,” “Shame Scott Morrison, Shame.” The crowd cheered.

Priya also hit out at spending on military jets in her speech.

Joanthan Sri called on the polluting corporations to pay for the bushfire damage caused by climate change:

The individuals and corporations who are responsible for climate change are the ones who should pay this rally is not about just replacing Scott Morrison … this is about the need for a system change.” – Jonathan Sri, Councillor for Gabba Ward as 5000 people rally in Brisbane during bushfires, 10 January 2020.

People should note a Big Invasion Day Rally and March is just around the corner. It is being organised by Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance.

Saturday Jan18 Meanjin Invasion Day Banner Making
Sat 10 AM · Musgrave Park, Brisbane · South Brisbane, Queensland

Sunday Jan26 Brisbane Invasion Day March and Rally, Queens Park on corner of George and Elizabeth near the casino.
#AbolishAustraliaDaySun 10 AM

Respect should be shown to First Nations People organising their rally and march.

Timing of Rally?
WBT has received a comment about the timing and organisation behind the rally:

“It is impractical for some of us to attend rallies on short notice when we live several hours away.and parking near the event is impossible.”

WBT is curious as to why a second rally has been called so soon after the first?

Democratic Rights
People are aware of restrictions on protests in the Brisbane CBD imposed by State government and Brisbane City Council. Similar restrictions may not be in place in Sydney and Melbourne. Police made an approach at the last rally seeking to prohibit the assembly in Adelaide Street just off the Mall. Under current restrictions carrying on activities in the Brisbane City Mall may result in a fine. Under these circumstances

The details of the second SACK SCOMO Rally II are :

Friday 17 Jan 2020
at 5 PM – 8 PM
King George Square

The first rally and march was part of a national and a global protest, occurring in every state and on all major continents.

The date may have been set well in advance.

Brisbane Uni Students for Climate Justice appear to be co-ordinating with similar interstate rallies (see below).

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