Che: Patria o Muerte!

Che paid the ultimate price for his challenge to imperialism, he was murdered in Bolivia on the 9 October 1967, 52 years ago.

The film, ‘Cuba: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism,’ was an extremely interesting account of how ordinary Cubans defend the revolution and managed to overcome the US blockade and the Global Financial Crisis.

Dancing in Havana

The evening, put on by the Cuban Friendship Society at Trades Hall in South Brisbane, highlighted the courage of the revolutionaries and their leaders who gave real meaning to the slogan of the 26 July movement ‘Patria o Muerte‘ pronounced by Che Guevara in the United Nations in 1964.

The film that followed showed the efforts of the people to grow food in urban communities using ecological methods, it showed the advanced nature of the medical and education systems in Cuba. And most of all, it showed the resolve of the people to defend their revolution.

At a time when imperialism stretches its evil hand over the Middle East, Central Asia, the Americas and in the Pacific, we need to organise and resist.

Workers of all countries unite!

One response to “Che: Patria o Muerte!

  1. Great, thanks Ian. I also really liked how the young English brigade participants explained their context in relation to politics more broadly and then contrasted their experiences with those of the Cubans
    In solidarity


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