Where in the world is anyone safe?

After the shooting and murders in Christchurch, the question remains, why? In an attempt to find answers to the massacre, Ian plays speeches by Uncle Sam Watson and Basil from ‘Muslim Lives Matter’. Sam describes the massacre of his own people and the affinity he has with muslims.

Fairouz sings ‘We will Return’

Ian interviews Pauline Hanson* and Andy Gray (Yellow Monday).
Pauline puts out her usual bigotry.
Andy Gray describes how he visited Iraq and Syria and the destruction wrought by the coalition of the willing and Howard’s refusal to liste to the Australian people. See https://pshift4zzz.wordpress.com/2019/03/29/love-hate/


FairouzWe will Return
Jumping FencesCarry me away
Yellow MondayWorld through those eyes
Yellow MondayWhere in the world

*played by a voice actor

One thought on “Where in the world is anyone safe?

  1. Yellow Monday says:

    I travelled through these countries many years ago.
    I remember buying an Oud in a bazaar in Damascus for £5
    and staying for dinner and sleepover on a date plantation
    located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
    Those plantations were all wiped out during the war.
    Aleppo and Baghdad use to be amazing cities.

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