Gaza massacre continues

Letter to the Byron Echo which probably will not get printed because of howls of protest from the large Israeli community living in the shire.
Dear Editor,
Whenever Israel attacks Gaza with the most lethal weaponry our media describe it as “retaliation” for rockets fired into Israel. The latest rocket attack, demolished a house in Mishmeret injuring seven including two children.

Whilst condemning any attack on civilians, international law grants the right to occupied people to defend themselves with force. Two million Gazans are still trapped like fish in a barrel under an 11 year Israeli siege which controls every import and export and even prevented 85% of those crippled by Israel snipers from leaving for medical treatment.

The WHO states that Israel killed 200 and wounded 27,942 unarmed protesters March 30, 2018 to end of February 2019. Amongst those were 4,903 shot in the lower limbs, 32 children killed, 3 paramedics killed and 2 journalists killed (paramedics and journalists were clearly marked) and 1,576 were wounded by bullet or bone (sic) shrapnel.

Our media did not consider this as retaliation and, in stark contrast with the Christchurch massacre in which 50 were killed and 48 injured, has never published these appalling blood and gore statistics.

Gareth Smith
Palestinian Liberation Centre
Byron Bay

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