Jewish community opposes Australian government move on Jerusalem


Byron Friends of Palestine (BFOP) endorse Vivienne Porzolt’s statement on behalf of Jews Against the Occupation in absolutely condemning Prime Minister Morrison’s suggestion of moving the Australian Embassy to Jerusalem.

Vivienne said, “This is a provocative move which reveals complete disregard for international law and for efforts to achieve justice for Palestinians and a peaceful resolution of the conflict for both Israelis and Palestinians.

In the last-minute dash for the imminent Wentworth by-election, it is a blatant appeal to the so-called ‘Jewish vote’.
This is an insult to the Jewish community which encompasses a much broader range of views than is reflected in the pronouncements of the Jewish leadership in lockstep with the State of Israel.”

In a letter to Bill Shorten, BFOP’s Jenny Bush writes, “As a Jewish descendant of refugees from Vienna who arrived in Australia in 1939, I implore you to maintain the long standing bi-partisan policy of keeping the Australian Embassy in Tel Aviv and not moving it to Jerusalem.  Having visited Israel and the Occupied West Bank it is clear to me that Israel has no intention of allowing a Palestinian state.  Settlements are growing exponentially forcing Bedouins from their homes and making a contiguous Palestinian state impossible.  For generations Palestinians are condemned to live in refugee camps under terrible conditions.  Israeli sharp shooters kill and maim young Gazans on their own side of the fence in huge numbers.

I feel particularly responsible for the terrible actions of the Jewish people.  Jerusalem remains a divided city and until it becomes the capital of both a Palestinian and Israeli state no foreign nation should endorse its cruel apartheid policies clearly aimed at destroying the will of the Palestinians to ever gain independence.

—  Gareth W R Smith, Maxine Caron, Jenny Bush, Leonie de Dreux-Crawford, Subhi Ahwad

Palestine Liberation Centre, Byron Bay

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