Carmichael Mine: When we say no, we mean no.

We have made it abundantly clear to the world — as we have been doing for some time — that when we say no, we mean no. We put our culture before coal. We are fighting hard on a number of fronts - though the system is stacked against us. With your support, we … Continue reading Carmichael Mine: When we say no, we mean no.

Queensland: Fight to Live, Live to Fight

in the Greek sports stadiums too they are showing how they define spoils justice live to fight fight to live - Daniel del Solar “Queensland Fight to Live, Live to Fight” by Media Action Campaign (1977) helps us understand what was going on in Queensland in the 1960s and 1970s. Chronology of Queensland Resistance 1965 … Continue reading Queensland: Fight to Live, Live to Fight

Foco Nuevo: Celebrating May Day

Foco Nuevo in May Friday, 6th May, 2016 8.00 pm Kurilpa Hall 174 Boundary Street, West End (map) Our May Day Special, again celebrating the labour movement in song with some guests whom we've shared a passion for music that matters. Come along and enjoy the night! ALSO: A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Jumping Fences will be … Continue reading Foco Nuevo: Celebrating May Day

PNG Supreme Court rules Australian “Guantanamo” illegal

Publisher's Note: In 1973 when PNG drew up its constitution, human rights were enshrined in the law. Not so with White Australia. Here are some articles from comrades at The Vanguard. Ian Curr April 2016 __oOo__ Nick G. By unanimous decision of the Full Bench of the Papua New Guinea Supreme Court, the Australian … Continue reading PNG Supreme Court rules Australian “Guantanamo” illegal

March with the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society on May Day

March with the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society on May Day Monday May 2 Assemble at the cnr Leichhardt and Wharf Streets 9.30 am Show your solidarity with the Cuban people and their struggle for socialism. Come along and hold our new banner! The National Tertiary Education Union has kindly offered to provide food and drinks for … Continue reading March with the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society on May Day

G17: Australia, Europe: the Refugee Movement and the Politics of Borders

The next meeting of the 17 Group will take place on Wednesday the 4th of May at 7 pm in unit 6 at 20 Drury St, West End. The topic is “Australia, Europe: the Refugee Movement and the Politics of Borders”. The speaker will be prominent advocate on behalf of refugees, Ian Rintoul. Here is … Continue reading G17: Australia, Europe: the Refugee Movement and the Politics of Borders

Manus illegal, but Nauru isn’t?

Hectoria: This week on the Paradigm Shift we are covering new developments in Australia’s refugee debate where the Supreme Court of PNG has found the asylum seeker detention centre on Manus Island is illegal. I spoke with the Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, earlier today. Could you please introduce yourself? Minister: My name is Peter Dutton, … Continue reading Manus illegal, but Nauru isn’t?

Vale Errol O’Neill

School Days and the Great Depression From where the nearest suburb and the city proper meet My window–sill is level with the faces in the street Drifting past, drifting past To the beat of weary feet While I sorrow for the owners of those faces in the street. - Henry Lawson Errol O'Neill speaking at … Continue reading Vale Errol O’Neill

Electric cars, not machines of war!

Just one day after ANZACs mourned Australia's defeat on the shores of Turkey,  Malcolm Turnbull will visit Adelaide today (26 April 2016) to announce that the French have won a bid to build the navy’s new submarines. As part of a pre-budget election 'sweetener', the new submarines will cost the taxpayer $50 billion. In his … Continue reading Electric cars, not machines of war!

BrisG20 follow-up workshop

I would like to invite you to participate in a research workshop, which forms part of my ongoing PhD project exploring the community responses to the G20 Leaders’ Meeting in Brisbane, 2014. This workshop is an opportunity for you to hear about the emerging themes from the research thus far as well as to engage … Continue reading BrisG20 follow-up workshop

Israel subdues resistance worldwide – Palestinians take the brunt

Israel is exporting its methods of repression and technology everywhere. Who does not fear the word: Mossad? Growth in the anti-globalization and peace movements has been matched by Israeli know-how and killing in Gaza. The Israeli death machine is bullet-tested in Palestinian backyards. Palestinians are bearing the brunt of Israeli know-how in subduing resistance movements … Continue reading Israel subdues resistance worldwide – Palestinians take the brunt

CSIRO cuts

I am writing to you about a new organisation called "Friends of CSIRO" which has been recently established. Friends of CSIRO has been formed in response to the ongoing cutbacks to CSIRO’s funding over recent years, including the $111m cut in the 2014 budget, and in particular, the recent announcements that CSIRO will cut 350 … Continue reading CSIRO cuts

West Village

Australia’s economy has been re-zoned into a construction bubble. The federal government wants to outlaw one of the few effective unions remaining, that of building workers, the CFMEU.

Developers and Brisbane City Council want to build more retail stores where workers get less award wages. FairWork Australia does little or nothing.

The Lizard, West End Brisbane

The bubble will burst, the workers may snap … Westenders tried to put something better in its place, called AHIMSA or Peace House. The dream proved impractical. Small business corruption and opposition by the Qld public trustee, local, state and federal members saw it fail. A proposed community centre for Aboriginal youth  was rejected by ALP-appointed Public Trustee, Peter Carne.

The Public Trustee owns the building next door in Horan Street.

A petition of 600 locals trying to save AHIMSA house fell on deaf ears.

Now developers have an alternative of their own – West Village.

This is a wrong turn.

Build community, not high rise!

Ian Curr
24 April 2016


I first walked into West End in May 2011. I knew very little about Brisbane’s geography, but I had heard a talk given by prominent West End advocate Dave Andrews and thought it sounded like a place I would like to go. Amazingly, within a few minutes if wandering around exploring the suburb, I ran into Dave sitting at a cafe. I chatted with him very briefly, and he sent me around the corner to a community house where “there are people you should meet”. They invited me in for tea, I stayed a couple of weeks. The rest, as they say, is history.

I open this article about West End with this anecdote for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is to acknowledge that though I love West End, though I have felt a sense of attachment to this place I have rarely felt elsewhere and though the culture…

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Money Markets

Attention returned to the dangers of a global smash during the share-market roller-coaster in January. The Chinese markets went into free fall. That chaos got people worrying some more about the long-term health of the world economy. Because the headlines were about plummeting share-prices, attention reverted to the financial aspects. This narrow focus was helped … Continue reading Money Markets

Palestine News – late April 2016

Publishers Note: As Donald Trump wins the New York Republican Primary and perhaps the Presidential nomination on the basis of anti-Islam, anti-Arab sentiment, the democratic state of Israel continues its brutal occupation of Palestine. Hillary Clinton won New York State on the back of her liberal Zionist ticket that even Bernie Sanders could not dent. … Continue reading Palestine News – late April 2016

Surprise move in Queensland Parliament for return of compulsory preferential voting

Publisher's Note: Tonight's move by Yvette D'Ath may favour the cross-bench MPs. In future elections voters will number every box on their ballot papers. Since 1992 this was optional, you could just vote 1. Rob Pyne, other independents and the Greens will benefit from this. Pyne may even end up running a substantial independent (read … Continue reading Surprise move in Queensland Parliament for return of compulsory preferential voting

LawAlert: land clearing, community objection rights and more!

TABLE OF CONTENTS • Land clearing: submissions close 25 April • Full reinstatement of community objection rights welcomed • Chain of Responsibility Bill • Proposed "one-stop-shop" laws lapse Court timetable New Acland Stage 3 Project objection, Qld Land Court Hearing currently on break until Monday 9 May 2016. Adani Carmichael Federal Court objection, Federal Court … Continue reading LawAlert: land clearing, community objection rights and more!


Jackie Trad had previously declined to launch a review but that changed when Local Government Managers Australia got in touch. Photo: Bradley KanarisIndependent MP Rob Pyne has had a victory, with the government announcing a review of local government complaints and councillor conduct - although Deputy Premier Jackie Trad said it was at the request … Continue reading Bully

Palestine News April 2016

AUSTRALIA Labor’s plans for security upgrade in Melbourne AL AQSA Jewish groups prepare Buraq Wall area for massive desecration Israeli settlers break into al-Aqsa Mosque AL QUDS Israel’s attempts to monopolise Jerusalem will fail APARTHEID RACISM S. African ambassador: Palestinian struggle part of anti-Apartheid journey "Death to the Arabs" rally draws thousands in Tel Aviv … Continue reading Palestine News April 2016

Just Peace calls ANZAC Eve Vigil

MEDIA ALERT BRISBANE ANZAC EVE PEACE VIGIL- FOR FURTHER INFO 0431597256 Brisbane community calls for a peace focus on ANZAC day with candle-light vigil and procession on ANZAC eve On the eve of ANZAC day the Turnbull government has committed to spending billions on fighter jets and submarines to please our landlord, the US Military … Continue reading Just Peace calls ANZAC Eve Vigil

Women Workers in the Health Sector Lead the Way in Rebuilding Unionism in Australia

Ned K. The Friday 8 April edition of the Australian Financial Review included an article headed "Nurses buck unions' long term demise".  It explained that while overall union membership density in Australia continued to decline,union membership among nurses grew by 12% in the last two years and the AN&MF WITH 249,000 members was now the … Continue reading Women Workers in the Health Sector Lead the Way in Rebuilding Unionism in Australia

Brick-with-Eyes triggers double dissolution election

HECTORIA: This week, PSHIFT interviewed the ‘Brick with Eyes’, Glenn Lazarus, Senator for Qld after his vote against the Australian Building and Construction Commission bill triggered a double dissolution election.  Can you please introduce yourself? Lazarus: My name is Glenn Lazarus. I represented NSW in Rugby League state of origin football and now I represent … Continue reading Brick-with-Eyes triggers double dissolution election

Turnbull’s plan to re-introduce the ABCC

As you would be aware, Malcolm Turnbull has recalled federal parliament today, 18 April, to attempt to re-introduce the Australian Building and Construction Commission. He is blackmailing the Independents in the Senate to pass the ABCC Bill or face a double dissolution election in which they would lose their seats. The ABCC was originally … Continue reading Turnbull’s plan to re-introduce the ABCC

We’re on the move – are you?

Climate change is creating forced climate migrants. Year for Peace: Sandgate & Regions is hosting a Friends of the Earth sponsored national speaking tour on the climate change displacement for the atoll peoples in Papua New Guinea, and the implications for climate justice in an Australian context. Speakers, Ursula Rakova, director of Tulele Peisa, the … Continue reading We’re on the move – are you?

Tributes for Tiga Bayles

Aboriginal radioman and activist, Tiga Bayles, Birri Gubba Gungalu and Dawson River Murri, passed away on the weekend. I offer my condolences to his family and friends. Here are a selection of tributes paid to Tiga Bayles and his life’s achievements … (with thanks to Peter Gray) Ian Curr wbt 18 April 2016 __oOo__ The … Continue reading Tributes for Tiga Bayles

Theo Angelopoulos’s films at GOMA

We cannot escape history One of the Hunters in The Hunting Party Publisher's note: Meres Tou ’36 (Days of 36) and other films on Greece currently showing at GOMA at South Bank Brisbane. Over the weekend of 16-17 April, I saw  Angelopoulos's films: O Thiassos (The Travelling Players) 1974-75 and I Kynighi (The Hunters). The … Continue reading Theo Angelopoulos’s films at GOMA

Inside Manus

4PR - Voice of the People

[Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 15 April 2016]

Andy and Ian present a show on refugee detention on Manus and Nauru and its consequences. You can listen to the show on demand here or listen to the podcast on Paradigm Shift’s soundcloud archive. The link is below:

Tu P feat Lex Primost – Border Force (f)Act(s)
Phil Monsour – Who killed Reza Berati?
Ollie MC feat Izzy Brown – AZADI
Jumping Fences – Cantombe Mulato

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