Just Peace calls ANZAC Eve Vigil



Brisbane community calls for a peace focus on ANZAC day with candle-light vigil and procession on ANZAC eve

On the eve of ANZAC day the Turnbull government has committed to spending billions on fighter jets and submarines to please our landlord, the US Military while making projected cuts in social spending of $16B

“On this day we are asked to remember the fallen but we are not asked by our leaders to condemn those who perpetrate ongoing wars”

Lest we forget those who lost their lives in WW1, WW2, Korea, Malaya, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen….and the list goes on” “Lest we forget too that around the world $1.7 Trillion is spent each year on these wars and purchasing military equipment such as the controversial fighter jets and submarines”

“Lest we forget also that war is ugly, that in our country alone over 200 veterans of the Afghanistan/Iraq wars have taken their own lives due to that ugliness, suffering PTSD”

It is ironic that ANZAC day is now so revered there is talk of changing the existing Australia Day to the 25th April. Says Ms Brownlie, spokesperson for Just Peace Qld

Brisbane people will gather on the eve of ANZAC day again this year to remember the wars waged on Australia’s first people and the horrific human losses of all wars and shine a light on the need for peaceful resolution of conflict.

Just Peace is a proud member of the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network which will host its 3rd annual conference at Alice Springs on October 1st to highlight the threat that Pine Gap poses to peace and security to register http://www.trybooking.com/KTNF

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