Queensland: Fight to Live, Live to Fight


in the Greek sports 
they are showing
how they define
live to fight
fight to live
    - Daniel del Solar

Queensland Fight to Live, Live to Fight by Media Action Campaign (1977) helps us understand what was going on in Queensland in the 1960s and 1970s.

Chronology of Queensland Resistance

1965 Women chain themselves to the bar of treasury and regatta hotel to protest against sex discrimination

1966 Vietnam Action Committee formed -new -left style -University based -Civil Liberties and Vietnam oriented

Footpath protest in month of March against Vietnam War -31 arrested.

Student demonstration Action -Vietnam, Education, University, Civil Liberties.

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Conference on S-E Asia at University organised by off- Campus peace groups

Public Forums at centenary Park on Saturday at organised well attended

March from University to City by students on October 5.
27 out of 40 students arrested armed police provocation and violence.

November – A.L.P. loses Conscription and Vietnam Election.

Protestors attacked by police during President Johnson’s visit to Brisbane.

S.D.A. begins leafleting, door-knocking, opens Printery (to become Action printery), violent clashes during President of South Vietnam Ky’s (US puppet) visit for refusing to pay fines resulting in October conscription Protest

1967 Four people jailed for refusing to pay fines resulting from October conscription protest.

May – Civil Liberties Coordinating Committee formed to fight restrictive sections of the Traffic Act.

June -C.L.C.C. gave government ultimatum of deadline July 11 for sections of the Traffic Act to be repealed.

July – Deadline extended to September 5th, mainly due to negotiations the Student Union President and State Government

July – Anti-Radical “scarell articles run by monopoly media

Sep 4 – Premier Nicklin promised decision on ultimatum

September 7 –Rally and March postponed to September 8th

September 7 – Nicklin Government offer unsatisfactory

September 8 – 4,000 people march to the city. Two thousand sit down in Roma Street. 114 arrested with police violence (shown).

Trade Unions, ALP, Qld Council for Civil Liberties lodge protests in reaction to police brutality.

Union for Civil Liberties Demonstration in King George Brisbane. The demonstration was called by the Trades and Labour Council of Queensland to protest against police treatment of university students and staff in Roma Street, Brisbane during a protest march. The march, from the University of Queensland to the city, had been held a few days earlier.


When you look at the chronology of the protests that led up to 1967 march the misconception (i.e.  that it was all civil liberties) seems to have occurred. As I did not participate in the organisation of the 1967 march I cannot be sure of the real reasons for that protest.

However I am sure of the reasons for the 1977/1979 street marches as I participated in the organisation of them as a member of the Civil Liberties Co-coordinating Committee (CLCC – 1977), the Civil Liberties Campaign Group (CLCG-1978) and the Anti-uranium Mobilisation Committee (1977). Those marches were to mobilise people against Uranium mining and export, Joh tried to cut off that form of  organising and we responded with a democratic rights campaign that included the right to march, the right to organise and all the democratic rights that his government had helped extinguish: women rights, land rights, free speech, the right to organise in unions and so on.

Ian Curr
30 April 2016

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